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[cover image]January 2022
Issue 4 (27/012022) - Lower borrowing windfall 'could be used to tackle energy costs'; Only game-changing pay rise will halt NHS exodus, unions say; Two speed recovery as UK growth slows; Unions want climate change better reflected in curriculum; Less than a third of top jobs are held by women; University strikes approach; Most vulnerable face 56% faster energy bill rises; Pilots petition PM for recovery plan Issue 3 (20/01/2022) - Earnings fall as pay rises lag behind cost of living; Inflation soars to near 30 year high; TUC: quarter million self-isolating without pay; UK GDP passed pre-Covid levels before Omicron; Highway Code changes this month; ILO: no global jobs recovery this year; Victory for 'designed-out' bus driver Issue 2 (13/01/2022) - Top bosses pass average wage after four day's work; Major change predicted for jobs market; Wealth inequalities highlighted in latest figures; Jack Dromey RIP; Call for action follows closure news; Unions question redeployment advice; Workers’ pension funds now own just 6% of shares Issue 1 (06/01/2022) - Britain needs pay rise to avert storm, says TUC; ITUC calls for 2022 to be year of peace; Schools measures 'not enough'; Little change on inequality seen last year; 2022 'could see national rail strike'; Report predicts this will be the year of the squeeze; BMA: staff absences making NHS unsustainable[More ...]