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Current issue (June 2023)

Issue 26 Nurses’ strike over after vote falls short of Threshold; Union warns of imminent ticket office cull; Unions predict probation ‘catastrophe’; Report vindicates union warnings on unsafe schools; UK needs better tax system, think tank says; Recommended diet costs poorest half their income.

Issue 25 Inflation’s failure to fall adds to misery for Millions; C of E clergy make first ever pay claim; UN labour body intervenes in strikes bill debate; Over 200 companies found not paying minimum wage; UK in under-investment ‘doom loop’; Unions slam denial of austerity’s role in Covid unpreparedness.

Issue 24 NHS ‘could be gone within 10 years’; Record pay growth fails to match inflation; Union withdraws recognition claim following ‘dirty tricks’; Pleas for action on excess heat; Three-quarters of employers think parties should use mediation.

Issue 23 Civil service unions mull improved offer; School unions planning joint action; Austerity ‘left us unready for pandemic’; Nearly 10,000 attacks on ambulance workers; Warning follows wildfire visible from space; Economic inactivity due to ill health; almost doubles among young; Warning of summer of strikes.

issue 22 Marginal dip in food price inflation; Embattled Amazon offers family-friendly contracts; TUC: Women twice as likely to miss out on work pension; Ending poverty in Scotland ‘an economic imperative’; ‘Overwhelming’ yes vote to 10% rise; Shoplifting up by a quarter, with violent consequences; Joint call on PM to publish NHS workforce plan; Universal credit ‘£890 a month short’.

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