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2004 all issues

[cover image]December 2004
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Most workplaces now have policies for dealing with harassment, but is yours up to date? Workplace Report looks at the key elements it should include. Plus the results of our annual shift pay survey, showing the highest premia across various shift patterns.[More ...]

[cover image]November 2004
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Our review of the 2003-04 pay round concludes with a look at the "hidden extras", like extra holidays and shorter hours, that can add to the value of settlements. Plus a look at modifications in "market rate" pay systems in the finance sector.[More ...]

[cover image]October 2004
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Workplace Report's extensive review of the 2003-04 pay round begins with an analysis of the trends in pay across different industrial sectors. Plus our annual supplement, with details of over 750 pay agreements.[More ...]

[cover image]September 2004
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We look back at the improvements in workplace health and safety over the past 12 months, and assess areas where much more still needs to be done. Plus, how pay restructuring is helping public sector earnings to grow faster than those in private companies.[More ...]

[cover image]July 2004
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Recent legal rulings may enable part-time workers and agency staff to claim the same pension rights as full-timers. Workplace Report considers the implications, and offers a round-up of the highest rates of London weighting in different sectors of the economy[More ...]

[cover image]June 2004
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Some employers are getting tough in a bid to reduce levels of sickness absence, but many of them are contributing to the problem themselves. Workplace Report suggests ways that unions can counter efforts to weaken workers' sick pay entitlements. And, as the Road Transport Directive nears implementation, we look at the effect it will have on drivers' working hours and pay[More ...]

[cover image]May 2004
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With less than a year to go before employees in larger organisations gain new rights to be informed and consulted about key business and workplace issues, our survey finds that information and consultation arrangements are already widespread - but are of variable quality. And how can unions use employers' "corporate social responsibility" policies to benefit their members and others?[More ...]

[cover image]April 2004
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One year after the government introduced new rights for working parents, Workplace Report finds that unions are continuing to make gains in maternity, paternity and adoption leave provision above the legal minimum. And our review of the 2003-04 pay round to date reveals subdued earnings growth but potential for improvement in the coming months.[More ...]

[cover image]March 2004
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Minimising the risks faced by working women requires many gender-specific issues, from breastfeeding to the menopause, to be considered - our survey of women's health and safety highlights good and bad practice among employers. Workplace Report also looks at proposals from the government and others to reform the UK's occupational pension system.[More ...]

[cover image]February 2004
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Fewer company cars and more loans for bicycles - Workplace Report investigates travel allowances, and discovers the impact of the congestion charge on London drivers. Plus, how will employers' "run-down" schemes, intended to help older employees prepare themselves for retirement, need to adapt to new measures outlawing age discrimination?[More ...]

[cover image]January 2004
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In the light of new legislation protecting lesbian, gay and bisexual workers from discrimination or harassment, Workplace Report shows how union reps can take action to ensure that their employers meet the new requirements. And our fifth annual survey of bargaining across Europe finds a downward trend in pay increases for 2003, with a similar outlook for 2004.[More ...]