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2022 all issues

[cover image][20 pages] December 2022
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Crunch time for NHS Minimum wage to rise Glasgow win marks positive start to strike wave Civil servants vote yes Cost of living boost EQUALITY One in five experience discrimination Union hails ‘industry-leading’ trans policy LEARNING AND TRAINING Labour promises union role in education and training RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Delivering victory EUROPE Metalworkers get 8.5% plus anti-inflation bonus LAW AT WORK; Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY; Safety issues prompt strikes; Website advises how to eliminate toxic substances; HSE issues guidance on support for disabled workers; Advice on keeping new starters safe; TERMS AND CONDITIONS: A YEAR OF WINS FOR UNIONS This has been a year of industrial action unprecedented in recent decades. We showcase what has been won in the field of terms and conditions BENCHMARKING EARNINGS In this high-inflation, high-vacancy climate, employers have to pay enough to recruit and retain staff, while unions need all available levers to help drive up pay. We examine how the latest earnings data can help [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] November 2022
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PAY AND PRICES 2 BARGAINING 3-5 Wave of strikes goes from strength to strength Median pay hits 8% Workers win parity Ballots deliver strike mandate Environment Agency staff may strike for first time EQUALITY 6 ‘Reckless’ plans a backward step Think tank: disabled workers need more support Majority see diversity improvements at work LEARNING AND TRAINING 7 Green skills training saves in-house jobs Labour’s skills policy RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION 7 Deal plugs recognition gaps EUROPE 8 Chemical deal includes €3,000 tax-free bonus EU minimum wage adopted Self-employed get better access to bargaining LAW AT WORK 9-12 Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY 13-14 Proposals ‘will risk lives’ Workplace rights attacks ‘will doom Tories’ All party group backs making suicide reportable Inspections target injuries THE YEAR OF PAY ACTION: 15-19 LRD’S ANNUAL SURVEY OF WHAT’S REALLY HAPPENING WITH PAY Pay and earnings just haven’t been able to keep pace with soaring inflation, yet 2021- 2022 has seen some of the highest settlement levels for many years. If they can be sustained into 2022-23, those real terms losses may yet be recoverable. [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] October 2022
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PAY AND PRICES: BARGAINING: Consolidated award, or pay plus bonus? Pay and food boost for supermarket staff Statutory sick pay success Setback for retention of RPI Unions united in pay criticism EQUALITY: Young women ‘close to edge’ Covid ‘heroes’ face hidden harassment LEARNING AND TRAINING: Motion calls for overhaul of learning Trust adopts apprentice charter RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION: 7 Union urged to prioritise recruiting apprentices EUROPE 8 Negotiations increasingly cover working from home Rail strike wins higher pay offer LAW AT WORK: Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY: Union offers monkeypox guide Regulator examines bus fires Rejection of TUC nominee is ‘final nail in coffin’ HOT SUMMER STRIKES: TURN INTO ANGRY AUTUMN ACTION Anger over below-inflation pay is reaching fever pitch. Thousands of workers are taking strike action, being balloted for action or staging wildcat strikes. We examine how the wave of industrial action is set to escalate this autumn FIVE INTO FOUR DOES GO: SHORTER WEEKS ARE BACK ON THE AGENDA A high profile trial of a four-day working week is putting reduced working time back in the spotlight. We look at how it is going, and how it fits in with other initiatives[More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] September 2022
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING #Hotstrikes summer continues Wave of wildcat actions hits Amazon Uber drivers to get up to 5% pay rise Scottish public sector workers to take action EQUALITY Three out of four mothers work Equalities committee urges action on menopause LEARNING AND TRAINING Ofsted finds apprentices still suffering multiple problems RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Recognition wins at progressive employers EUROPE Above-inflation deal reached with Lufthansa Education workers still waiting for a deal LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Government ‘guilty of criminal complacency’ Union launches comedians’ charter Action call on accident anniversary Union: HSE must explain drop in inspections WHEN ENOUGH ISN’T ENOUGH: HOW PAY REVIEW BODIES FAILED THE REAL WAGES CHALLENGE The pay review bodies had a mostly free hand this year – so why are workers and unions so disappointed with their recommendations? WHY THE GOVERNMENT CAN AFFORD DECENT PUBLIC SECTOR PAY Workplace Report examines the myths the government uses to justify pay restraint, and shows how decent pay for the public sector is perfectly affordable [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] July 2022
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PAY AND PRICES BARGAINING Workers prepare for action Pay offer is ‘totally unacceptable’ Union resists redundancies Home and hybrid working remains entrenched EQUALITY Women facing ‘shocking’ racism at work Disadvantaged groups trapped in insecure jobs LEARNING AND TRAINING Apprentices’ on-the-job requirement dropped RECRUITMENT AND ORGANISATION Unions win raft of new deals EUROPE Agreement reached on new minimum wage law Irish government plans new ‘living wage’ LAW AT WORK Employment law — the latest cases HEALTH AND SAFETY Social workers at breaking point, survey finds Staffing crisis risking safety Union demands menstrual policies Investigation ‘found college broke safety laws’ HSE revises pregnancy protection guidance PARENTAL LEAVE UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Can unions and employers deliver more affordable and more equal parental leave? An analysis of what is on offer shows that they certainly can HIGH-COST REGIONAL ALLOWANCES AND THE INFLATION CRISIS As everyone struggles with the rising cost of living, how will “high-cost area” and location- based pay arrangements respond to the challenge? [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] June 2022
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RISING INFLATION MEETS ‘BROKEN’ PAY SYSTEM - Drawing on an LRD survey of the further education sector, we look at how, as inflation, accelerates, unions and employers are gearing up for a new round of bargaining ANY PORT IN A STORM? MAKING FREEPORTS WORK FOR WORKERS The reality of freeports, why unions and workers are concerned about them, and what unions can and are doing about them [More ...]

[cover image][20 pages] May 2022
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THE STATE OF PAY - Pay is very much in the headlines, but what has actually happened in union-organised sectors of the labour market over the last nine months? Workplace Report reviews the outcomes so far in the 2021-22 pay round A FRAGMENTED PICTURE: CIVIL SERVICE PAY - Unions have reacted angrily to the government’s instruction that civil servants be offered a 2% pay rise this year. [More ...]

[cover image]April 2022
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Mind the gap? What statutory reporting reveals - As employers open their books on their gender pay gaps and, on a voluntary basis, between ethnic minorities and other staff, we look at what the figures reveal; Gender identity and the workplace - As the Scottish Parliament tables its gender recognition bill (after Westminster shelved similar plans for reform) and controversy continues on the subject, we look at the issues from a union perspective[More ...]

[cover image]March 2022
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Collective grievances - how submitting a collective grievance can resolve workplace disputes, push for better conditions, strengthen organisation and help build the union; Putting wellbeing on the agenda - more and more employers are embracing the concept of wellbeing. We ask whether it delivers positive outcomes for employees and union members; Latest case law on discrimination[More ...]

[cover image]February 2022
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Anger grows over public sector pay - With RPI soaring to 7.5%, 2022 is shaping up to be a year of escalating disputes. We look at the growing sense of anger over pay among public sector workers; Pay: the European picture - The EU presented a divided picture in terms of pay in 2021, with wages continuing to grow in eastern Europe, while in many of the richer economies of the west they fell; Latest case law on tribunal procedures[More ...]

[cover image]January 2022
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In the mood for action - A new wave of strike action is sweeping the country. We look at what kind of actions are happening, what’s behind them and where they are taking place; The year ahead: the economy - Alongside Omicron, the cost of living will be a big challenge for workers and unions this year, but what else should we be looking for? Workplace Report examines the data; Latest case law on dismissal[More ...]