Workplace Report October 2008

Learning and training news

Unions back new campaign for adult education

A campaign spearheaded by five organisations representing students, staff and local communities has been launched to tackle the parlous state of adult education. The students’ union NUS, the adult learning organisation NIACE, public services union UNISON, university and college union UCU and the Workers’ Educational Association have joined together to found the Campaigning Alliance for Lifelong Learning (CALL). According to CALL, two million learner places have been cut from further and adult education in England since 2005, including 53% in ICT, 49% in health, public services and care, and 36% from agriculture and horticulture. CALL says the government’s focus on employer-led courses is to blame. More information about the campaign can be found on CALL’s website at:

To support CALL, contact: Paul Mackney, NIACE associate director (FE), e-mail:, tel: 0797 435 3709.