Workplace Report October 2008

Health & safety news

Shipyard workers refuse to scrap hazardous vessel

Boat workers at the Port of Liverpool refused to scrap HMS Intrepid last month in potentially hazardous conditions .

The workers, members of the Unite general union, were angry with Peel Holdings over the lack of consultation and health and safety protection for workers to ensure the safe dismantling of the old navy vessel.

Unite said that all naval vessels should be scrapped to the highest health, safety and environmental standards to protect members’ safety.

Tony McQuade, Unite regional organiser, said at the time: “Our members have expressed safety concerns and are refusing to touch this vessel. There has been no consultation or risk assessment for workers handling this vessel.”

McQuade said the union was extremely disappointed that Peel Holdings have given no consideration to workers’ safety.

He concluded by saying that: “We are demanding that they are more open about plans to scrap HMS Intrepid on our doorstep.

“If old navy vessels are to be dismantled on Merseyside, a full consultation should take place to ensure workers, people of Merseyside and the environment are protected.”