Workplace Report November 2020

Law - Redundancy

TUC Education reps' guide to handling redundancies

The Labour Research Department has been working closely with TUC Education to produce a new union reps’ guide to handling redundancies, which is available to download from the TUC website. As well as looking at ways of reducing or avoiding redundancies through effective collective consultation, the new guide explores strategies for the collective negotiation of good quality learning and training packages. It also explains the role union learning reps can play in large scale redundancies and their legal rights in a workplace with a recognised union.

The guide is supplemented by a free webinar explaining how to get the most out of the collective redundancy consultation rights available to recognised unions over the pandemic period, with LRD legal expert Nerys Owen. It looks at the practical steps that reps can take to ensure collective consultation is genuine and meaningful and at ways of ensuring equality is embedded throughout the redundancy process.