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2002 all issues

[cover image]November 2002
Tackling stress at work
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Stress is the main occupational hazard affecting all types of workers. Unions have been at the forefront of action to tackle stress, and this guide shows what reps can do in the workplace. It explains the legal position, including a recent ruling from the Court of Appeal, and sets out advice from unions and the HSE.[More ...]

[cover image]October 2002
Temporary workers - a guide to the new law
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Fixed-term contract workers have until now lost out on many employment rights, such as holidays and sick pay. This booklet explains how the new Fixed-term Employees (Prevention of Less favourable Treatment) Regulations 2002 will protect the 1.5 million UK workers on temporary contracts.[More ...]

[cover image]September 2002
Pensions under threat - a guide to recent developments
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The closure of many occupational pension schemes, together with stock market slumps, has moved pensions to the heart of political debate. This booklet explains the UK pensions system, looks at action by unions to defend their pension schemes, and describes proposals for change.[More ...]

[cover image]August 2002
Rehabilitation - an LRD guide
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Employers and unions are increasingly looking at ways to help ill and injured workers back to work. This booklet looks at the latest research on what makes for effective rehabilitation, and advises union reps on developing successful rehabilitation programmes in the workplace.[More ...]

[cover image]July 2002
Transfers - an LRD guide to the TUPE regulations
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Company take-overs and mergers, together with contracting out in the public sector, mean that increasing numbers of workers are undergoing a transfer of employer. The TUPE regulations provide some protection for transferred workers and this booklet explains this complex area of law using examples from case law.[More ...]

[cover image]June 2002
Health and safety law 2002
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[More ...]

[cover image]May 2002
Law at work 2002
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[More ...]

[cover image]April 2002
State Benefits 2002
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[More ...]

[cover image]March 2002
Winning equal pay - a trade unionist's guide
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Closing the gender pay gap is now firmly on the trade union agenda. This booklet provides advice for union negotiators on achieving equal pay in workplace, and explains how to conduct an equal pay review. It also includes comprehensive legal advice on taking an equal pay case.[More ...]

[cover image]February 2002
Redundancy law - a trade unionist's guide
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The current high level of redundancies makes it essential for union reps to understand the law. This is a completely updated guide to redundancy law, explaining employers' duties to consult union reps and individuals, selection procedures, offers of alternative work and redundancy pay.[More ...]