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2006 all issues

[cover image]December 2006
Promoting equality for disabled workers - a guide to the law and best practice
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Recent legal changes have consolidated a decade of improved employment rights for disabled people. This comprehensive guide explains the legislation and how unions are making the most of it, and looks at new developments that could accelerate or impede progress on achieving disability equality in the workplace.[More ...]

[cover image]November 2006
Redundancy law - a trade unionist's guide
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With more than half a million redundancies in the UK every year, workers and their union reps need to know their rights. This fully updated guide sets out the law in relation to consultation, redundancy pay, offers of alternative work and selection criteria - including the impact of new regulations on age discrimination.[More ...]

[cover image]October 2006
Age discrimination - a guide to the new regulations
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Regulations introduced on 1 October 2006 have made it unlawful to discriminate against individuals in employment and vocational training on grounds of their age. This booklet examines the regulations' impact in a range of areas, explains who is covered and highlights weaknesses in the new law that have prompted union concern.[More ...]

[cover image]September 2006
Learning and skills - a trade unionist's guide
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The learning and skills agenda has developed rapidly over the last two years, particularly in the delivery of workplace learning opportunities through trade unions. This booklet gives clear information on the burgeoning union role, government initiatives, learning organisations, and the impact of age equality legislation on vocational training.[More ...]

[cover image]July 2006
Health and safety law 2006
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Health and safety law 2006 provides a fully updated guide to UK law on health and safety, including developments in the past year concerning noise, civil liability, smoking in Scotland, gangmasters and chemicals packaging.[More ...]

[cover image]June 2006
Law at work 2006
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Law at work 2006 provides a comprehensive, up-to-date guide to employment legislation in force up to May 2006. Written in clear language, LRD's popular, annually updated guide provides the information to help establish your rights in the workplace, giving details of the relevant law and summaries of important cases.[More ...]

[cover image]May 2006
TUPE - a guide to the business transfer regulations
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This booklet is a straightforward and practical guide to the law on business transfers - TUPE - and how it affects employees. It explains recent changes to the TUPE regulations and provides case law examples to show union and workplace representatives how the regulations are used in practice.[More ...]

[cover image]April 2006
Stress at work
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Stress at work contains an up-to-date picture of the extent of stress in the workplace, using official figures and surveys by unions and professional organisations. It looks in depth at the HSE's recently introduced stress management standards and includes detailed, practical guidance on tackling stress in the workplace.[More ...]

[cover image]March 2006
State benefits and tax credits 2006
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LRD's annual guide to state benefits and tax credits provides clearly written information for claimants and lay advisers on all state benefits. It sets out who is eligible, how much is payable, how to claim and where to get further advice and information. The impact of the new Civil Partnership Act on means-tested benefits is also included this year.[More ...]

[cover image]February 2006
Pensions - a guide to the Pensions Commission proposals
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Millions of us are under-saving for retirement while both employers and the state are looking to scale down their pension commitments. The Pensions Commission, headed by Adair Turner, has made proposals to tackle the situation. This booklet is a guide for union reps and negotiators to the Commission's main recommendations.[More ...]

[cover image]January 2006
Case law at work - 2nd edition
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This booklet, published as a companion to LRD's best-selling Law at work, is a unique source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries of important cases that have been decided by the appeal courts, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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