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2010 all issues

[cover image][64 pages] December 2010
Discrimination at work - a guide to the Equality Act 2010
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Discrimination law is complex so it is important that workplace representatives and union activists are fully aware of the implications of the law in order to ensure that members benefit fully from the legal rights they have. This booklet explains how discrimination law works in practice and sets out the important changes brought in by the Equality Act 2010.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] October 2010
Sickness absence and sick pay - a guide for union reps
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Against a background of recession and looming widespread job cuts many employers are tightening up their sickness absence procedures, while sick workers are increasingly reluctant to take time off for fear of being sacked or made redundant. This booklet is a fully updated guide for union representatives and workers to their current rights in relation to sickness absence and sick pay.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] August 2010
Time off for trade union duties and activities - a legal guide
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In order to properly represent their members at work union reps need time off to carry out their duties and activities, as well as for suitable training for their role. This fully updated booklet explains all the legal rights union and workplace representatives have to time off and the circumstances when they will be paid. Case law is used throughout to illustrate specific circumstances.[More ...]

[cover image][158 pages] July 2010
Health and safety law 2010
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Health and safety law 2010 provides a fully updated guide to UK law on health and safety at work. It includes information about changes to regulations and new guidance issued in the past year, as well as details of important court cases on risk assessments for pregnant workers, liability for repetitive work, working time, stress and bullying.[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] June 2010
Pensions under pressure - the challenge for trade unions
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As the new coalition government's approach to pensions evolves and employers prepare to implement reforms, union reps have a central role to play as advocates for better income in retirement for everyone. This booklet explains the legal changes ahead as well as detailing current law, and gives examples of the kind of action being taken by unions to protect pension rights at work.[More ...]

[cover image][296 pages] May 2010
Law at work 2010
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Law at work 2010 is a comprehensive, up to date guide to employment legislation in force up to May 2010. Written in clear language, LRD's popular, annually updated guide provides the information to help establish your rights in the workplace, giving details of the relevant law and summaries of important cases. This edition also includes full details of the changes resulting from the Equality Act 2010.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] April 2010
Hazardous substances - a guide for safety reps
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Millions of workers come into contact with hazardous substances in the workplace. This booklet gives examples of the kind of action being taken to tackle hazardous substances at work, and details the relevant health and safety law. It explains in a clear and concise way where hazardous substances can arise and how exposure can be prevented or controlled.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] March 2010
State benefits and tax credits 2010
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LRD's annual guide to state benefits and tax credits provides clearly written information for claimants and lay advisers. It sets out who is eligible, how much is payable, how to claim and where to get further advice. This edition includes updated details about the equalisation of state pension age and the extension of permitted work rules.[More ...]

[cover image][40 pages] February 2010
Taking industrial action - a legal guide
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Knowledge of the law of industrial action is vital for trade unionists as the consequences of a failure to observe the provisions of the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 1992 when going out on strike are severe. This booklet is designed to present to union reps the relevant information about taking industrial action so that the process is clearly understood.[More ...]

[cover image][120 pages] January 2010
Case law at work - 6th edition
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This is the sixth edition of Case law at work, the LRD's unique source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and updates of important cases decided by the appeal courts, many of which are not contained in other legal guides. It is published as a companion to our annual best-seller Law at work</i>.[More ...]
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