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[cover image][56 pages] November 2013
Promoting equality for disabled workers - a guide for trade union reps
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Trade unions play a key role in protecting and safeguarding the rights of disabled workers. This means union reps dealing with disability at work need to know the relevant equality law to ensure that disabled people get fair access to work opportunities and are able to achieve long and successful working careers. This booklet provides union reps and negotiators with practical guidance to help protect disabled people in the workplace and to recognise and deal with disability discrimination. It looks at examples of trade union action dealing with disability at work and up-to-date case law is used throughout to illustrate specific circumstances.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] October 2013
Redundancy law - a guide to using the law for union reps
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Even though the figures for quarterly redundancies have flattened since the height of the economic downturn, they remain a regular and unwelcome feature of the workplace. The trend looks set to continue with the government’s plans to escalate public sector outsourcing during the remainder of this parliamentary term. This LRD guide to redundancy law aims to help trade union reps secure the best deal for their members by explaining the key features of the law in a clear and practical way.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] September 2013
Contracts of employment - a guide to using the law for union reps
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Relentless coalition government assaults on employment rights mean there has not been a more important time in recent years to be an active trade unionist. The aim of this legal guide is to help trade union reps protect their members from attacks on their terms and conditions by explaining the key features of employment contract law in a clear way. The booklet equips reps with enough knowledge of the rules and key issues, including recent important legal cases, to enable them to identify a contract breach, to challenge changes to contract terms, and to understand their legal rights if change is imposed. [More ...]

[cover image][208 pages] August 2013
Health and safety law 2013
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This new edition of the Labour Research Department‘s annual guide to health and safety law has been updated to include all the latest legal and other developments in health and safety over the past year. It covers new regulations, HSE guidance, significant court cases and the implications of new legislation. The guide is published at a time of continued and unprecedented government hostility towards health and safety regulation. Against this background and written with union negotiators and safety reps in mind, Health and Safety Law 2013 is an essential tool for reps and full-time trade union officials to use when negotiating with employers to ensure that workers are fully protected while at work.[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] July 2013
Representing older workers - a guide for trade union negotiators
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With the removal of a compulsory retirement age, reduced pension benefits and a longer wait for a State Pension, many older workers will want to, or be compelled to, remain in work for longer. Increasingly, trade unions will need to ensure that the employment available to older workers offers decent pay and conditions with access to training, promotion and career development, and that these workers are not discriminated against because of their age. This LRD Booklet explains the law on age discrimination and retirement, and provides guidance on best practice on the employment of older workers using practical examples and case studies throughout.[More ...]

[cover image][360 pages] May 2013
Law at Work 2013
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The 2013 edition of Law at Work marks 25 years of the Labour Research Department’s publication of its comprehensive employment law guide. It has been thoroughly revised and updated to provide the basic information that will help establish your rights in the workplace and decide whether there is a legal claim to be made. Law at Work 2013 clearly explains the key areas of employment law so that reps and individuals can identify their legal rights, and unlike most other publications on employment law, it examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers.[More ...]

[cover image][71 pages] April 2013
Working Time Regulations - Application and enforcement
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This guide looks looks in detail at the application and enforcement of the Working Time Regulations in the UK. As well as explaining the overall requirements of the regulations and how they have been amended and extended in a number of important ways, the booklet looks at the common issues relating to working time that union reps may have to deal with, including: what and who the regulations apply to; how they limit weekly working time; how they regulate night and shift work; and what they provide for in the way of breaks, rest periods and annual leave. Case law examples and case studies are used throughout to highlight significant developments and workplace agreements.[More ...]

[cover image][79 pages] March 2013
State benefits and tax credits 2013
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Trade unions can play an important role in helping their members and their families claim the benefits to which they are entitled. As such it is crucial for union reps to be aware of the latest reforms in order to give accurate initial advice on benefit entitlements. This guide is designed for that purpose. It covers Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit, parental pay and leave, benefits relating to housing, sickness and injury at work and pension entitlements. It also includes details of the extensive welfare reform changes currently being introduced by the coalition government including Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap. [More ...]

[cover image][104 pages] January 2013
Case law at work - 9th edition
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This is the ninth edition of Case law at work, the LRD's unique source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and updates of important cases decided by the appeal courts, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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