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2016 all issues

[cover image][78 pages] December 2016
Performance management and capability procedures - a guide for union reps and negotiators
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Punitive and dysfunctional performance management systems and capability processes top the workplace agenda for a growing number of union reps. Low morale, raised levels of mental ill-health, distress and discriminatory outcomes are just some of the effects experienced by workers. In addition, where performance is linked to pay, these systems undermine collective bargaining and pay transparency, and stand in the way of decent pay for all workers. This booklet from the LRD highlights a range of successful campaign tactics being used by unions that are having a positive impact across a variety of workplaces. It also contains practical guidance to help reps support individual members, either during the informal stages of the appraisal process or at the formal capability stage, where a member faces possible dismissal.[More ...]

[cover image][72 pages] November 2016
Using information and consultation rights - a union rep's guide
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The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations have been in force for more than 10 years. They potentially give reps rights to be informed and consulted on a range of key issues. Initially unions often chose not take up these rights, fearing their position could be undermined. However, there are now signs that opinions are changing, with unions recognising that the regulations can be used successfully to extend union influence and build union organisation. The regulations offer a lot of flexibility, but they are also complex. This booklet guides union reps through them step by step, explaining the possible pitfalls on the way. It is illustrated throughout with cases from the enforcement bodies. Even if reps decide not to use the regulations themselves, they still need to know how they work, as employers can also trigger the process.[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] October 2016
Stress and mental health at work - a guide for trade union reps
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Stress is one of the main factors causing work-related ill-health. A growing number of union reps are voicing their concerns as low pay, job insecurity, precarious forms of employment and huge job cuts have left many struggling to cope. Union reps and safety reps have a key role to play in ensuring that employers take their responsibilities for tackling work-related stress and mental health issues seriously. This booklet aims to provide reps with information, advice and guidance written from a trade union perspective, together with practical examples showing how unions and reps have tackled work-related stress across a range of industrial and service sectors and in a variety of workplaces.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] September 2016
Supporting pregnant workers - a union reps guide
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Despite the existence of legislation protecting pregnant workers from discrimination and providing rights for working parents, 54,000 pregnant women and new mothers are forced out of their jobs each year. Many thousands more face harassment, reduced income levels and loss of prospects. Unions are instrumental in supporting pregnant workers and pushing for better workplace culture and policies in this area. This LRD booklet aims to help union reps by explaining the law against pregnancy discrimination and how it is applied, setting out the pay and leave rights of working parents and providing guidance on collective action in the workplace to improve the situation for all pregnant workers and returning mothers.[More ...]
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[cover image][208 pages] July 2016
Health and safety law 2016
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Published shortly after the referendum vote to leave the EU, this new edition of the Labour Research Department‘s annual guide to health and safety law has been updated to include all the latest developments. It covers new regulations, significant court cases, the implications of new legislation and provides guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, TUC and trade unions. Health and Safety Law 2016 is an essential tool for union reps, safety reps and full-time union officials to use in their negotiations with employers.[More ...]

[cover image][484 pages] June 2016
Law at Work 2016
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The 2016 edition of Law at Work has been completely revised and updated to include all new and current employment legislation and the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2016 clearly explains the key areas of employment law enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights, and unlike most other publications on employment law, it examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers.[More ...]

[cover image][46 pages] May 2016
Social media at work - a practical guide for trade union reps
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Social media has seen a meteoric rise in its use over the last few years. This rapid growth has created new opportunities for reps to reach out to members, but it has also expanded the scope for members to find themselves in trouble at work. This LRD booklet gives reps guidance on how to inform members of the risks associated with social media usage; explains how to draw up a social media policy and how to respond to cyberbullying. Crucially, it explains how to represent members in social media disciplinaries and looks at the approach taken by employment tribunals in their latest rulings. Finally it looks at how unions have been successfully harnessing the power of social networking to reach out to their memberships and the wider public.[More ...]
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[cover image][96 pages] April 2016
State benefits and tax credits 2016
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Trade unions can play an important role in helping their members claim the benefits to which they are entitled. Thousands of low paid workers are unaware of their entitlements and it is crucial for union reps to be aware of the latest reforms in order to give accurate initial advice. This guide is designed for that purpose. It includes details of the extensive and ongoing welfare reform changes being pursued by the Conservative government, explains how Universal Credit and the Benefit Cap work and looks at changes resulting from the new Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016. It also covers Working Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit, Child Benefit, parental pay and leave, benefits relating to housing, sickness and injury at work and the new State Pension entitlements.[More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] March 2016
The skills system at work - a guide for trade unionists
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This new LRD guide examines and explains the UK skills system as it is currently operating and looks in particular at the latest tranche of government policy initiatives, including the apprenticeship levy. It also examines the work and activities of trade unions in the skills system, particularly at workplace level, their concerns about skills development, and how the union role in workplace skills provision can develop and expand against a background of financial constraint, and in a system characterised by continually changing policy priorities.[More ...]

[cover image][104 pages] January 2016
Case law at work - 12th edition
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This is the 12th edition of Case Law at Work, the Labour Research Department’s unique source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear and concise summaries of employment tribunal cases and updates of important cases decided by the Employment Appeal Tribunal, many of which are not included in other legal guides.[More ...]
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