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[cover image][112 pages] December 2018
Sickness absence and sick pay - a guide for trade unions and working people
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No-one knows when they might need the support of a good sick pay scheme and a fair absence management policy. The aim of this booklet is to highlight the issues that need to be addressed in securing one, and to help reps support members who are off sick. It takes into account recent developments and trends, such as the rise of "presenteeism" and "leavism", and the growing focus on workplace wellbeing. Examples of good practice from a range of workplaces and collective agreements, as well as up-to-date case law, are included throughout.[More ...]

[cover image][144 pages] October 2018
Equality Law at Work 2018 - a guide for trade unions and working people
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Achieving equality at work is a core value shared across the trade union movement. But equality legislation is detailed and complex and dealing with it can be problematic. Equality Law at Work is designed to cut through the complexity and provide a comprehensive guide to equality law. Written from the point of view of working people, it aims to be a practical tool for union negotiators, reps and members who need to understand how equality law works and how to apply it to everyday work situations.[More ...]

[cover image][72 pages] September 2018
Women's health and safety at work - a guide for union reps
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The UK’s 15 million working women now make up around half the workforce. But the risks they face at work are often described as hidden or invisible and, for a number of reasons examined in the booklet, "women’s work" is sometimes perceived as safer than traditionally male-dominated occupations. Where these differences are acknowledged when assessing risks and deciding suitable solutions, there is a greater chance of ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of all workers is protected. Women's health and safety at work sets out the hidden hazards of women’s work and explains why taking a gender-sensitive approach to occupational safety and health is important.[More ...]
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[cover image][216 pages] July 2018
Health and safety law 2018
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It is less than a year before the UK is expected to leave the European Union (EU) but even now the terms of leaving remain far from clear. However, much of UK health and safety law is underpinned by EU law which means that a so-called hard Brexit could have severe consequences. In these circumstances it is as important now as it has ever been for safety reps and other union reps to have access to a comprehensive trade union guide to the law on health and safety at work. Health and Safety Law 2018 sets out the law using clear and practical language, it explains the changes that have taken place since the last edition, and addresses likely developments for 2018-19. Health and Safety Law 2018 is an essential tool for safety reps, union reps and officials to protect members and to use in their negotiations with employers.[More ...]

[cover image][88 pages] June 2018
Disciplinary and grievance procedures - a guide for union reps
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This LRD booklet provides practical advice and support for union reps or members who are facing a disciplinary or considering whether to lodge a grievance at work. The work of union reps in advising and representing members in formal hearings has never been more important and can positively affect the outcome of proceedings for members facing dismissal or other sanctions. Union reps also play an important wider role, making sure employers follow policies openly, consistently and fairly, and helping to develop improvements when the disciplinary or grievance process highlights problems.[More ...]

[cover image][496 pages] May 2018
Law at Work 2018
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The 2018 edition of Law at Work has been completely revised and updated to include all new and current employment legislation and the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2018 clearly explains the key areas of employment law, enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights. Unlike most other publications on employment law, it examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers.[More ...]
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[cover image][88 pages] April 2018
State benefits and tax credits 2018
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State Benefits and Tax Credits 2018 is the latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s annual union reps’ guide to in-work benefits. This year’s edition outlines important changes to Universal Credit which have resulted in major cuts and more stringent rules to qualify for benefits. It is vital for union reps to be aware of the latest benefit reforms. State Benefits and Tax Credits 2018 enables reps to access the current in-work benefit rates and basic rules for qualification in order to give accurate initial advice to members about the benefits they may be able to get. The impact of the government‘s welfare reforms, cuts and freezes, on low-paid workers are explained in detail throughout the booklet.[More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] March 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation - a practical guide for trade unionists
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updates data protection laws to reflect rapid advances in technology and the growth of the digital economy. The new law introduces important changes to how personal data can be used and organisations will have new responsibilities and duties to fulfil. This LRD booklet explains the main provisions of the GDPR that are relevant to trade unions, setting out the legal framework and providing step-by-step guidance for trade union reps on how to comply with the data protection laws.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] February 2018
Tackling sexual harassment at work - a guide for union reps
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Dealing with sexual harassment cases can be amongst the most challenging tasks asked of a union rep. Unions can help to create working environments where there is a zero-tolerance attitude to sexual harassment, and ensure that good workplace policies and procedures are in place. This LRD booklet gives step-by-step guidance looking at how reps can help members deal with sexual harassment, including making and handling complaints, as well as ensuring that procedures are fair to all concerned.[More ...]
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[cover image][112 pages] January 2018
Case law at work - 14th edition
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This is the 14th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and updates of important cases decided by the appeal courts, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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