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2019 all issues

[cover image][72 pages] November 2019
Redundancy law - a guide for union reps
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Redundancy remains a constant threat for many, and continued cuts to funding in the public sector mean that job losses are a regular hazard. This LRD guide sets out the law on redundancy and aims to help union reps and their members navigate the redundancy process. It explains union rights to challenge mass redundancies through the collective consultation procedure as well as individual rights and what constitutes a fair procedure.[More ...]
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[cover image][56 pages] October 2019
Whistleblowing - a guide to the law
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This booklet sets out the law and policy governing whistleblowing in the UK. It explains how whistleblowing law currently works, the main pitfalls and concerns, and the key proposals for reform. It also looks at developments in whistleblowing law at European level (the new European Union Whistleblowing Directive) and explains the various ways in which the protection provided by the Directive, once in force, will exceed that which is available under UK law, once the UK is no longer an EU member state.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] September 2019
Union action on climate change - a trade union guide
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Dire warnings that time is running out to tackle rising carbon emissions and global temperatures have propelled the climate change crisis to the top of both union and political agendas. This booklet aims to help trade union reps play their part in tackling the climate emergency and other environmental problems. It looks in detail at: the causes and consequences of climate change; the importance of ensuring a Just Transition and decent jobs in moving towards a low-carbon economy; the role of green union reps; trade union policy on energy generation; union policy, advice, training and action on transport and air pollution; waste and recycling and workplace action to reduce waste. Case studies and examples of how union reps are taking action at their workplaces are detailed throughout.[More ...]

[cover image][224 pages] July 2019
Health and safety law 2019
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Even if there is a no-deal Brexit, existing EU-derived health and safety laws and regulations will remain part of UK law under the European Union Withdrawal Act. But they will be vulnerable to downgrading post-Brexit if there is no deal with the EU to secure ongoing compliance. Given this situation, the role of union workplace safety reps is vital to make sure that employers continue to comply with hard-won health and safety protections. Health and Safety Law 2019 covers developments which have taken place at European-level over the last year and highlights union concerns about the weakening of health and safety protections post-Brexit. It also covers all the latest developments in UK health and safety law including changes to statutory regulations and new case law.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] June 2019
Workplace action on mental health - a trade union guide
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Mental ill health is currently high up in the news agenda, but people experiencing mental health problems continue to face numerous difficulties at work. Union reps and other workplace union activists are in an excellent position to increase awareness of mental health problems in their workplaces and to negotiate good employer policies which improve wellbeing at work. This booklet gives practical advice to union reps on negotiating workplace policies and procedures on mental health. It aims to help reps work with employers to make workplaces supportive for individuals experiencing either long-term or short-term mental health difficulties, and to ensure that mental health problems are not created by work itself.[More ...]

[cover image][512 pages] May 2019
Law at Work 2019 - the trade union guide to employment law
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The 2019 edition of Law at Work has been completely revised and updated to include all new and current employment legislation and the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2019 clearly explains the key areas of employment law, enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights. Unlike most other publications on employment law, it examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers.[More ...]

[cover image][80 pages] April 2019
Universal Credit and other in-work benefits - a guide for union reps and workers
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This latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s annual guide to welfare benefits takes account of the major changes in the benefits system, in particular the introduction and roll-out of Universal Credit. Universal Credit and other in-work benefits focuses on the types and rates of in-work benefits available, and includes any changes to the rules for claiming them from 6 April 2019. Trade unionists can play an important role in helping members and their families claim the in-work benefits they are entitled to, billions of which go unclaimed. This booklet aims to help make reps aware of the latest reforms so they can give accurate initial advice.[More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] March 2019
Employment tribunals - a guide for union reps and workers
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The employment tribunal system has become more complex and formal as it has adapted to deal with an increasing volume of employment legislation and extensive legal rules. This LRD booklet explains how the employment tribunal process works and gives advice to union reps and workers on deciding whether to bring a claim and how to prepare for it. While not a complete guide to tribunal practice and procedure, the booklet offers practical guidance on issues including time limits, what evidence to collect, what a hearing is like, costs, risks and benefits, possible outcomes and how to approach settlement.[More ...]

[cover image][72 pages] February 2019
Tackling bullying and harassment at work - a guide for union reps and workers
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Bullying and harassment is a daily reality for many workers, making their working lives intolerable. The issue is a major concern for unions, ranking second only to stress as the hazard most likely to be reported by union safety reps. However, unions and workers do not have to simply accept this. Employers have a legal duty to tackle bullying and harassment and there is action that can be taken to deal with the problem. This updated guide provides union reps with examples of best practice and practical guidance on what they can do to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace, how it can be tackled collectively, and how best to provide support and representation for members who are being bullied and/or harassed at work.[More ...]

[cover image][128 pages] January 2019
Case law at work - 15th edition
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This is the 15th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD's key source of information on recent employment law cases. This annual LRD booklet contains clear summaries and updates of important cases, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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