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2020 all issues

[cover image][52 pages] December 2020
The National Minimum Wage 2021 - a trade union guide
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Around two million workers in UK are paid the National Minimum Wage (NMW), and its influence on overall pay levels extends much further. But the rules are now changing, with younger age groups about to receive the higher National Living Wage, while progress towards higher overall pay rates has been paused. This guide will help you to understand everything you need to know about the NMW in 2021 including: ▶ what the NMW is, the current rates and who should receive it; ▶ how to check whether someone is being paid the minimum wage or not; ▶ how to report infringements; ▶ the coverage of the NMW and its impact on bargaining; ▶ the direction of travel for NMW policy; ▶ threats to the current NMW from de-regulated work; ▶ why the NMW isn’t high enough; and ▶ how unions are campaigning to raise the wage floor.[More ...]

[cover image][68 pages] November 2020
Tackling racism and inequality - a trade union guide
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The Covid pandemic has laid bare the many inequalities faced by BAME people at work and elsewhere, and the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests helped pushed the issue of racism to the fore. The need for action in the workplace is clear: BAME people are less likely than white people to be employed in good, permanent jobs, and when in work they often suffer racist treatment in all aspects of their employment. Trade union reps have a key role to play in negotiating workplace policies, practices and actions to improve race equality at work. They are also uniquely well placed to help BAME colleagues tackle racist harassment and abuse. This booklet sets out the key legal, negotiating and organising tools for achieving this, along with examples on where it is already being done.[More ...]

[cover image][68 pages] September 2020
Defending terms and conditions - a legal guide for union reps
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This new LRD guide sets out in a clear and accessible way the legal responses available when employers try to worsen existing contractual rights. It explains: • contractual rights and the right not to suffer unlawful wage deductions; • how unions can respond to “dismissal and re-engagement” threats by employers; • how “flexibility terms” work; • how to use equality laws and other statutory rights to defend terms and conditions; • when section 188 consultation is required and what this means; and • union rights, including members’ rights not to be made an unlawful offer to abandon collective bargaining. Most of the legal remedies covered in this guide are based on individual rights. But legal rights can only take members so far, and the guide also looks at wider union organising strategies to defend members’ terms and conditions, with examples of union successes. [More ...]

[cover image][256 pages] August 2020
Health and Safety Law 2020
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The coronavirus pandemic and attempts to re-open the UK economy are thrusting the role of the trade union movement – especially its 100,000 health and safety reps – to the fore like never before. COVID-19 has been an occupational health and safety crisis as well as a public health disaster, with hundreds of UK workers having died after being infected at work. This latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s annual guide to health and safety law could not come at a more crucial time, providing trade unionists and others with the authoritative information to help ensure union members can work as safely as possible. A new chapter at the front of the booklet covers the risks to workers of COVID-19 and the relevant law and guidance on working safely during the pandemic, with further information in later chapters. Health and Safety Law 2020 also covers all the other latest developments in UK health and safety law, and, coming months before the end of the Brexit transitional period, it sets out the potential impact on UK safety laws of leaving the EU.[More ...]

[cover image][536 pages] July 2020
Law at work 2020 - the trade union guide to employment law
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The 2020 edition of Law at Work has been completely revised and updated to include all new and current employment legislation, along with the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2020 clearly explains the key areas of employment law, enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights. Law at Work, unlike other publications on employment law, examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers. With jobs and conditions under threat following the Coronavirus crisis, knowing exactly what your rights at work are is more important than ever.[More ...]

[cover image][52 pages] June 2020
State support and coronavirus - a trade union guide
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The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact on workers’ lives and jobs. By early June 2020, it had killed over 50,000 people in the UK, including hundreds of workers in essential services and key industries. The crisis has also wreaked havoc on people’s livelihoods, with 8.7 million jobs being furloughed, 2.5 million people needing the special coronavirus help for the self-employed and applications for Universal Credit soaring from 2.8 to 4.2 million. This booklet helps union reps and individuals navigate the complex system of state financial support that is available during the pandemic – in part achieved thanks to TUC pressure. It brings into one easy-to-follow guide the various streams of help provided by the government, including both the special measures brought in during this crisis, and the state benefit system that is now being accessed by so many for the first time.[More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] April 2020
Skills for work - the union response to future needs
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Skills for work sets out the latest policy for learning and skills at the workplace under the new Conservative government. It examines the role and input of trade unions in influencing developments and tackling the issue of access to lifelong learning opportunities as demands for different skills rapidly increase. In a new era for the union learning and skills agenda, Skills for work examines how unions are reacting to and tackling the changing skills needs of the economy as a result of automation, digitalisation and the impact of the climate crisis.[More ...]

[cover image][89 pages] March 2020
Monitoring and surveillance at work - a practical guide for trade union reps
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All new technological innovation creates ways for employers to monitor and control their workers. However, data protection and privacy laws impose important limits on what employers can get away with. In fact, monitoring and surveillance technology can sometimes bring positive benefits to workers, protecting their safety and helping them prove their side of the story in a disciplinary. This updated booklet summarises the key legislation and case law covering privacy at work. It explains the changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation and shares examples from organised unions in the workplace from different sectors UK-wide. Reps can also use this practical guide to negotiate effective policies at work.[More ...]
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[cover image][120 pages] January 2020
Case law at work - 16th edition)
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This is the 16th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. Courts and tribunals decide how employment legislation should be interpreted. Their decisions provide a valuable insight into how unfairness at work can most appropriately be challenged and how, in practice, judges find a balance between competing claims. This annual LRD booklet contains clear summaries and updates of important cases, many of which are not contained in other legal guides.[More ...]
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