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[cover image][104 pages] November 2021
Disciplinary and grievance procedures - a guide for union reps
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Representing members in disciplinary and grievance hearings is a fundamental part of the role of a trade union rep. This LRD booklet explains what makes a fair disciplinary or grievance procedure and the importance of clear and transparent policies that are followed consistently and fairly. Handling a disciplinary or grievance effectively can avoid the need to take a claim to a tribunal, or can give the employee the best chances of success if legal action becomes necessary. This booklet contains plenty of case examples to illustrate how reps can avoid the potential pitfalls and secure the best possible outcome for their members. Good conflict resolution benefits more than just the individual worker: it can raise confidence within the workplace and help to build a strong union branch.[More ...]
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[cover image][272 pages] October 2021
Health and Safety Law 2021
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Trade unions and their safety reps have demonstrated throughout the Covid pandemic that union workplaces are safer workplaces. In order to carry out their vital role, reps need to know about their rights and their employers’ obligations to help them take action to keep their members safe, both in workplaces and working from home. This latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s guide to health and safety law has been updated since the government swept away legal restrictions and social distancing aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection from 19 July. It reflects the fact that the government’s BEIS business department guidelines on making 14 different types of workplace “Covid-Secure”, that unions had an input into developing, have now been replaced by six sets of Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance which the TUC described as rushed through, inadequate, and a “recipe for chaos and rising infections”. This is also the first post-Brexit edition of Health and Safety Law. It looks at the immediate impact of the UK’s departure from the European Union on the UK health and safety system, and what could happen in the longer term. Health and Safety Law 2021 aims to provide safety reps and other trade union reps with a comprehensive guide to health and safety law and guidance as they work through the pandemic and beyond. It sets out the law using clear and practical language, explains the changes that have taken place since the last edition, and details any forthcoming changes in the year ahead. [More ...]
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[cover image][560 pages] July 2021
Law at work 2021 - the trade union guide to employment law
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The 2021 edition of Law at Work has been updated to include all new and current employment legislation, along with the most up-to-date case law examples. Law at Work 2021 clearly explains the key areas of employment law, enabling reps and individuals to identify their legal rights. Law at Work, unlike other publications on employment law, examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers. This edition includes information about the ongoing effect of the coronavirus pandemic. It remains an essential resource for anyone interested in understanding and protecting workers' rights at work.[More ...]

[cover image][56 pages] May 2021
Covid and mental health - a guide for union reps
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Covid-19 has worsened an existing mental health crisis in the UK, with analysis from the Centre for Mental Health predicting that up to 10 million people will need either new or additional mental health support, either as a direct result of the pandemic or because of the economic fallout. The consequences of Covid-19 have been profound for the workforce, with levels of work-related stress, depression and anxiety at a record high. This booklet is an action guide for reps, setting out what they can do to ensure that employers tackle mental health issues in the workplace and provide support for workers affected. It draws on up-to-date employment law, as well as providing the latest guidance, research and campaigning material from across the union movement and key organisations such as the Health and Safety Executive. It includes examples of how union reps have taken action to secure improvements and highlights employer good practice on preventing or reducing Covid-related mental ill health at work. [More ...]
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[cover image][72 pages] April 2021
Negotiating the new homeworking landscape - a guide for union reps
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COVID-19 has changed the working lives of millions of people, including many whose work has switched from office to home. As restrictions gradually start to ease, employers, employees and unions are all considering how much home or remote working they want to maintain in the post-pandemic world and how it should be organised. For employees, there are pros and cons of working remotely, and unions will want to ensure that decisions on remote, office or hybrid working are a matter of individual and collective negotiation – not management imposition. This booklet provides union reps with guidance on the issues that should be addressed when negotiating an agreement, such as who pays the costs of homeworking and ensuring remote workers are kept healthy and safe, protected from oppressive monitoring and managed fairly.[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] February 2021
Working safely with COVID-19 - a guide for workplace reps
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The coronavirus pandemic has presented significant new health and safety challenges for workers and their trade unions. This LRD booklet looks at what measures union reps can take to protect workers from the spread of the virus and make their workplaces safe; and at how reps can make sure employers are carrying out "suitable and sufficient" COVID-19 risk assessments, particularly in the light of the emergence of new and more contagious variants of the virus. The booklet gives examples of good practice on risk assessment as well as examining how reps can ensure workplace safety for workers at particular risk of severe illness from COVID. It also covers health and safety law enforcement and how to report COVID safety concerns. And it contains appendices with extensive risk assessment checklists and union guidance on ensuring risk assessments are "suitable and sufficient".[More ...]
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[cover image][128 pages] January 2021
Case law at work - 17th edition
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This is the 17th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries of important cases, plus commentary on their practical implications for union reps when representing members. Many of these cases will not be found in other guides.[More ...]
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