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[cover image][208 pages] November 2022
Health and Safety Law 2022
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Health and Safety Law 2022 has been redesigned, revised and updated to give reps a comprehensive guide to current health and safety law and guidance. With a pandemic rumbling on, a weakened regulator, the impact of climate change becoming more apparent and the government threatening to diverge from EU safety standards, the role of the union movement’s 100,000 health and safety representatives has never been more important. Research repeatedly demonstrates that union workplaces are safer workplaces. Health and Safety Law 2022 contains the latest developments in UK health and safety law, including, changes to statutory regulations, new case law and Health and Safety Executive recommendations. It also provides details of TUC and individual union guidance and examples of negotiated good practice. The LRD handbook highlights the essential information safety reps need[More ...]

[cover image][400 pages] September 2022
Law at Work 2022
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Law at Work 2022 has been revised and updated to help trade unionists understand the law as it currently stands, signposting relevant legislation and case law. The new format is designed to make it easier for you to navigate the handbook and find what you are looking for. Unlike most other employment law guides, LRD’s Law at Work examines the law from the perspective of trade unions and workers. It shows where the relevant law can be found and highlights key legal cases that provide examples of the law in action[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] July 2022
Supporting LGBT+ people at work - a guide for trade unions and working people
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Despite legislation in place protecting LGBT+ people from discrimination, many experience bullying, harassment and abuse at work, while others feel they have failed to get jobs because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Trade unions have a long history of supporting LGBT+ communities, and union reps have a key role in fostering a positive workplace culture and negotiating employer policies that take account of LGBT+ workers’ needs. This booklet provides guidance on pursuing these aims as well as giving union reps and others confidence around both LGBT+ terminology and the issues LGBT+ workers face. [More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] May 2022
Stress and mental health at work - a guide for trade unions and working people
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Stress can have a devastating impact on workers mental health. This booklet provides practical advice for reps, activists and workers. It: • explains what stress is and explores the extent of work-related stress; • examines how the Covid pandemic has exacerbated an existing mental health crisis in Britain’s workplaces; • outlines the law in this area, looking at how safety reps can use health and safety and equality law to tackle problems; • summarises the HSE Management Standards and guidance on using the standards; • looks at trade union action to prevent stress: and • sets out how employers can provide support for workers suffering from mental ill health. This crucial LRD booklet is an excellent resource for developing workplace policies, negotiating and representing trade union members, workplace and trade union courses and dealing with personal stress and mental health problems at work [More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] March 2022
Sickness absence and sick pay - a guide for trade unions and working people
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Employment relations and workplace culture can be enhanced — or damaged — depending on how well sickness absence, disability and worker wellbeing are handled. And if work or poor management is itself causing health problems, that has to be attended to. Union reps need an understanding of sickness and disability issues, what protections the law has to offer, what the workplace rules are or should be, and any aspects of the job or management that may be contributing to sickness at work. This new LRD trade union booklet, aimed specifically at trade unions, union reps and the workers they represent, contributes to that by giving a clear understanding of sickness absence and how it should be managed, as well as new information about the aftermath of Covid-19 and its impact on sickness absence in the workplace.[More ...]

[cover image][112 pages] January 2022
Case law at work (18th edition)
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This is the 18th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries of important cases, plus commentary on their practical implications for union reps when representing members. Many of these cases will not be found in other guides.[More ...]
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