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Case law at work - 11th edition

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Introduction [pages 3-4] (551 words)

This is the 11th edition of Case law at work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and ...
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Chapter 1

1. The employment law system [ch 1: pages 5-6] (718 words)

A major change to the employment tribunal rules was made in 2014 which introduced early conciliation by the employment relations service Acas. Early ...
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Case preparation and proceedings at the employment tribunal [ch 1: pages 6-7] (215 words)

Costs at the employment tribunal [ch 1: page 7] (293 words)

Lying will not automatically trigger liability for tribunal costs [ch 1: pages 7-8 ] (380 words)
Kapoor v The Governing Body of Barnhill Community High School [2013] UKEAT/0352/13/RN

Judge wrong to deny insured claimant his costs [ch 1: pages 8-9] (226 words)
Mardner v Gardner and Others [2014] UKEAT/0483/13/DA

Losing respondent should normally refund tribunal fees [ch 1: page 9] (191 words)
Portnykh v Nomura International PLC [2013] UKEAT 0448/13/0511

Successful appeal should result in recovery of appeal fees [ch 1: pages 9-10] (551 words)
Horizon Security Services Limited v Ndeze and The PCS Group [2014] UKEAT/0071/14/JOJ

UNISON’s legal challenge against tribunal fees [ch 1: page 11] (382 words)
UNISON v The Lord Chancellor [2014] EWHC 4198 (Admin) Case No: CO/4440/2014

Use of confidential documents in tribunal proceedings [ch 1: pages 12-13] (460 words)
Plymouth City Council v White [2013] UKEAT/0333/13/LA

Covert recording of manager’s private comments admissible [ch 1: pages 13-14] (560 words)
Punjab National Bank (International) Limited & Others v Gosain [2013] UKEAT/0003/14/SM

Unless order must be 100% clear and obvious to be valid [ch 1: pages 14-15] (609 words)
Mace v Ponders End International Limited [2014] UKEAT/0491/13/LA

Ill claimant should have been allowed short adjournment [ch 1: pages 15-16] (396 words)
U v Butler & Wilson Limited (2014) UKEAT/0354/13/DM

Tribunals need to be alert to capabilities of representatives [ch 1: pages 16-17] (469 words)
Drysdale v The Department of Transport [2014] EWCA Civ 1083

Termination date not altered by different dismissal route [ch 1: page 18] (424 words)
Rabess v London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority [2014] UKEAT/0029/14/JOJ

Strike out of case rarely appropriate where key facts are disputed [ch 1: page 19] (395 words)
Romanowska v Aspirations Care Limited [2014] UKEAT/0015/14/SM

Claim over work placement should go to County Court [ch 1: page 20-21] (442 words)
Blackwood v Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust [2014] UKEAT/0130/14/RN

Pension loss based on value of pension at retirement [ch 1: page 21-23] (920 words)
Sharan Griffin v Plymouth Hospital NHS Trust [2014] EWCA Civ 1240

Chapter 2

2. Categories of worker [ch 2: page 24] (275 words)

Some statutory rights apply only to employees, while others are available more widely to workers. Some individuals, such as the genuinely ...
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Complex employment status led to beautician’s failed claim [ch 2: pages 24-25] (454 words)
Halawi v WDFG UK Limited t/a World Duty Free UK [2014] EWCA Civ 1387

New tribunal to rule whether actors are ‘workers’ [ch 2: pages 25-26] (302 words)
MacAlinden t/a Charm Offensive v Lazarov and others [2014] UKEAT/0453/13/JOJ

Claim could be heard despite woman’s illegal work status [ch 2: pages 26-27] (552 words)
Wijesundera v Heathrow 3PL Logistics Limited (debarred) and another [2013] UKEAT/0222/13/DA

No protection for agency workers with indefinite contracts [ch 2: page 28] (390 words)
Moran v Ideal Cleaning Services Limited [2013] UKEAT/0274/13/DM

Insurer was to blame for unfair treatment of fixed-term worker [ch 2: pages 29-30] (484 words)
Hall v Xerox UK Limited [2014] UKEAT/0061/14/JOJ

Contracted scaffolder deemed to be a worker entitled to holiday pay [ch 2: pages 30-31] (471 words)
Boss Projects LLP v Bragg [2013] UKEAT/0330/13/SM

Workers not covered under Blacklisting Regulations [ch 2: page 31] (182 words)
Smith v Carillion (JM) Ltd & Anor/UKEAT/2014/0081_13_1701.html

Chapter 3

3. The employment contract [ch 3: page 32] (305 words)

Employment rights depend, as a minimum, on the presence of an “employment relationship”. There are important legal distinctions between an ...
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Holiday pay should take account of commission [ch 3: pages 32-33] (376 words)
Lock v British Gas Trading Ltd (Judgment of the Court) [2014] EUECJ C-539/12

Overtime must be taken into account for holiday pay [ch 3: pages 33-34] (470 words)
(1) Bear Scotland Limited, (2) Hertel (UK) Limited and Amec Group Limited v Fulton, Woods, Law and others [2014] UKEATS/0047/13/B1

Ambulance staff win over on-call time [ch 3: pages 34-35] (350 words)
Truslove & Anor v Scottish Ambulance Service [2014] UKEATS/0053/13/JW

Minimum wage is payable for travel time and overnight stays [ch 3: pages 35-36] (637 words)
Whittlestone v BJP Home Support Limited [2013] UKEAT/0128/13/BA

Care worker secures win over minimum wage pay [ch 3: page 37] (214 words)
Esparon t/a Middle West Residential Care Home v Slavikovska [2014] UKEAT/0217/12

Express deductions term will be unenforceable if it is a penalty [ch 3: pages 37-38] (417 words)
Cleeve Link Limited v Bryla [2013] UKEAT40/12/0810

Employee’s pay slip has to show reason for deduction [ch 3: pages 38-39] (254 words)
Ridge v Her Majesty’s Land Registry [2014] UKEAT/0098/10/DM

No breach of contract in refusal to award annual pay rise [ch 3: pages 39-40] (427 words)
The Equality and Human Rights Commission v Earle [2014] UKEAT/0011/14/MC

Chapter 4

4. Unions and collective agreements [ch 4: page 41] (77 words)

In the UK, collective agreements are not legally binding between the parties to that agreement — the union and the employer (section 179, Trade ...
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Civil servants win test case on pay progression [ch 4: page 41] (300 words)
Cabinet Office v Beavan & Others [2013] UKEAT/0262/13/BA

Union loses judicial review application after employer prevents statutory recognition [ch 4: pages 42-43] (545 words)
R (on the application of Boots Management Services Limited) v The CAC and the Pharmacists Defence Association Union [2014] EWHC 2930 (Admin)

European Court of Human Rights upholds UK ban on secondary strikes [ch 4: pages 43-44] (437 words)
National union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers v The United Kingdom Application no. 31045/10

There is a clear right to strike, says ruling [ch 4: pages 44-45] (304 words)
Tymoshenko v Ukraine (Application 48408/12)

Tribunal confirms worker’s right to choose companion [ch 4: pages 45-46] (507 words)
Roberts v GB Oils Limited [2013] UKEAT/0177/13/DM

Chapter 5

5. Discrimination [ch 5: pages 47-48] (659 words)

Since 1 October 2010, discrimination law has been contained in the Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010). With a few notable exceptions, the laws in the EA 2010 ...
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Disabled employee should have been allowed companion [ch 5: pages 48-50] (658 words)
Royal Bank of Scotland v O’Doherty [2013] UKEAT/0489/12/RN

Whether an employee is disabled is for the employer’s judgement alone [ch 5: pages 50-51] (388 words)
Gallop v Newport City Council [2013] EWCA 1583

Home Office failed in duty to make reasonable adjustment [ch 5: pages 51-52] (480 words)
Hibbett v The Home Office & Others [2013] UKEAT 0138/13/2410

Reasonable adjustment must raise prospect of return to work [ch 5: pages 52-54] (822 words)
Howorth v North Lancashire Teaching Primary Care Trust [2014] UKEAT/0294/13/2208

Ignoring final warning not a reasonable adjustment [ch 5: pages 54-55] (659 words)
General Dynamics Information Technology Limited v Carranza [2014] UKEAT/0107/14/KN

No obligation to offer post to disabled worker ahead of others [ch 5: page 56] (357 words)
McCarthy v Jaguar Cars Limited [2013] UKEAT/0320/13/SM

Reasonable adjustment would have been transfer closer to home [ch 5: pages 57-58] (468 words)
Secretary of State for Work and Pensions (Job Centre Plus) v Jamil [2013] UKEAT 0097/13/2611

Duty of reasonable adjustments is only owed to disabled person [ch 5: pages 58-59] (397 words)
Hainsworth v (1) Ministry of Defence (2) Equality and Human Rights Commission [2014] EWCA Civ 763

Cost and burden of proof on disability falls on claimant [ch 5: pages 59-60] (588 words)
City Facilities Management (UK) Limited v Ling [2014] UKEAT/0396/13/MC

Met Police discriminated by not returning dog to handler [ch 5: pages 60-61] (345 words)
Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis v Keohane [2014] UKEAT 0463/12/0403

Claimant only has to show evidence of disadvantage [ch 5: pages 61-62] (484 words)
Essop v Home Office (UK Border Agency) [2014] UKEAT 0480/13/1605

Immigration status does not equal nationality under the Equality Act 2010 [ch 5: pages 62-63] (370 words)
Taiwo v Olaigbe [2014] EWCA Civ 279

Illegality of arrangement does not prevent discrimination claim [ch 5: pages 63-64] (612 words)
Hounga v Allen [2014] UKSC 47

Cook left in legal limbo over racial harassment [ch 5: pages 64-65] (433 words)
Kemeh v Ministry of Defence [2014] EWCA Civ 91

Christian care worker fails in bid to make Sunday special [ch 5: pages 66-67] (460 words)
Mba v the Mayor and Burgesses of the London Borough of Merton [2013] EWCA Civ 1562

Lower pay for Muslim chaplains not religious discrimination [ch 5: pages 67-68] (396 words)
Naeem v Secretary of State for Justice [2014] UKEAT 0215/13/RN

Age discrimination for scheme to pay less in redundancy to over-60s [ch 5: pages 68-69] (461 words)
Heron v Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council [2013] UKEAT/0566/12/SM

Another ruling of age discrimination for scheme which pays less in redundancy to over-60s [ch 5: pages 69-70] (474 words)
Smith v Department for Business and Skills [2014] UKEAT/0308/12/RN, Budgen v Ministry of Justice UKEAT/0309/12/RN

Claimant picked on wrong age group as comparator [ch 5: pages 70-71] (643 words)
Palmer v Royal Bank of Scotland PLC [2014] UKEAT/0083/14/MC

Severe obesity can amount to disability if obstacle at work [ch 5: pages 71-72] (295 words)
FOA (on behalf of Karsten Kaltoft) v Kommunernes Landsforening (on behalf of the Municipality of Billund) Case C-354/13

Chapter 6

6. Working parents and carers [ch 6: page 73] (364 words)

The Children and Families Act 2014, has introduced improved rights for working parents. Some parts of this new Act are already in force while others ...
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Post-maternity sick leave was outside ‘protected period’ [ch 6: pages 73-74] (350 words)
Lyons v DWP JobCentre Plus [2014] UKEAT 0348/13/1401

Chapter 7

7. Dismissal [ch 7: pages 75-76] (510 words)

Employees dismissed unfairly can go to a tribunal if they have been working for at least two years. Some specific types of dismissal do not require ...
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Refusal of cross-examination rarely makes dismissal unfair [ch 7: pages 76-77] (532 words)
Yeung v Capstone Care Limited [2013] UKEAT/0161/13/DA

Employee affirmed contract by giving extra notice [ch 7: pages 77-78] (359 words)
Cockram v Air Products PLC [2014] UKEAT/0038/14/LA

Contributory fault which was not improper, not relevant to capability dismissal [ch 7: pages 78-79] (413 words)
Frith Accountants Limited v Law [2014] UKEAT/0460/13/SM

Long-term sick staff must be consulted over return to work [ch 7: pages 79-81] (648 words)
BS v Dundee City Council [2013] CSIH 91

NHS Trust had no right to increase severity of sanction [ch 7: pages 81-82] (633 words)
McMillan v Airedale NHS Foundation Trust [2014] EWCA Civ 1031

An unfair dismissal claimant cannot still be employed [ch 7: pages 82-83] (243 words)
Mr Clutch Auto Centres v Blakemore [2014] UKEAT/0509/13/LA

Employee can still claim constructive dismissal in spite of own breach of contract [ch 7: pages 83-84] (509 words)
Atkinson v Community Gateway Association [2014] UKEAT/0457/12/BA

Chapter 8

8. Redundancy [ch 8: page 85] (333 words)

A redundancy situation exists where an employer closes or intends to close the workplace or reduce the number of employees doing a particular kind of ...
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Redundancy pay success following TUPE transfer [ch 8: pages 85-86] (362 words)
Peacock Stores v Mr Brian Peregrine and Others [2014] UKEAT 0315/13/25

Employer’s unreasonable delay over alternative employment [ch 8: pages 86-87] (288 words)
Langford v East Sussex County Council [2013] UKEAT/0275/13/DM

Rugby club failed to consult on possible job share alternative [ch 8: pages 87-88] (371 words)
Stroud Rugby Club v Monkman [2013] UKEAT/0143/13/SM

Refusal of voluntary redundancy made compulsory job loss unfair [ch 8: pages 88-89] (378 words)
Stephenson College v Jackson [2013] UKEAT/0045/13/JOJ

Chapter 9

9. Business transfers and contracting out [ch 9: page 90] (156 words)

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) are intended to protect the rights of employees on the transfer of ...
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Question as to when is a task of “short duration” under TUPE [ch 9: pages 90-92] (806 words)
Robert Sage t/a Prestige Nursing Care Limited v O’Connell [2014] UKEAT/0336/13/DA

Activities were basically the same before and after transfer [ch 9: pages 92-93] (377 words)
Qlog v O’Brien & Others [2014] UKEAT/0301/13/JOJ

Transferee did not have to consult with incoming staff [ch 9: pages 93-94] (477 words)
Allen v Morrisons Facilities Services Limited [2014] UKEAT/0298/13/DM

TUPE can apply even if some activities of a firm are unlawful [ch 9: pages 94-95] (497 words)
Ejiofor t/a Mitchell & Co Solicitors v Sullivan & Ors [2014] UKEAT/0268/13/SM

Longer commute time was not ‘substantial change’ [ch 9: pages 95-96] (397 words)
Cetinsoy & Others v London United Busways Limited [2014] UKEAT/0042/14/LA

Transfer day is when responsibility for business passes to new owner [ch 9: pages 96-97] (386 words)
Housing Maintenance Solutions Limited v McAteer [2014] UKEAT/0440/13/LA

Chapter 10

Cases to look out for in 2015 [ch 10: pages 98-99] (676 words)

In its annual look ahead at significant employment law decisions expected in 2015, online HR news publisher Personnel Today identifies eight notable ...
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