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Case law at work - 12th edition

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Introduction [pages 3-4] (551 words)

This is the 12th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and ...
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Chapter 1

1. The employment law system [ch 1: pages 5-6] (610 words)

Nearly all tribunal claims must be brought within three months of the matter complained of. Tribunals can extend the time limit in an unfair ...
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Tribunal’s first ruling on Acas Early Conciliation process [ch 1: pages 6-7] (548 words)
Thomas v Nationwide Building Society, ET/1601342/2014

Online claim was valid where remission form was sent by post [ch 1: pages 7-8] (538 words)
Deangate Ltd v Hatley & Others (Secretary of State intervening) [2015] UKEAT/0389/14/DM

Acas Early Conciliation mandatory — even in cases of sexual harassment [ch 1: pages 8-9] (278 words)
Cranwell v Cullen [2015] UKEAT/0046/14/2003

Care must be taken over early conciliation paperwork [ch 1: pages 9-10] (329 words)
Sterling v United Learning Trust UKEAT/0439/14/DM

Extra period of Acas conciliation not needed for amended claim [ch 1: pages 10-11] (488 words)
Science Warehouse Ltd v Mills [2015] UKEAT 0224/15/DA

No stand-alone right to compensation for failure on written job details [ch 1: pages 11-12] (224 words)
Advanced Collective Systems Limited v Gultekin UKEAT/0377/14/LA

Wasted costs order should not have been made [ch 1: pages 12-13] (503 words)
Hafiz & Haque Solicitors v (1) Mullick and (2) Paul UK Limited UKEAT/0356/14/DA

Claimant without interpreter was given ‘reasonable opportunity’ [ch 1: pages 13-14] (481 words)
Hak v St Christopher’s Fellowship [2015] UKEAT 0446/14/DA

Balancing prejudice and merits of claim over time extension [ch 1: pages 14-15] (353 words)
Rathakrishnan v Pizza Express (Restaurants) Ltd [2015] UKEAT 0073/15/DA

Associated employers and continuity of employment [ch 1: pages 15-16] (445 words)
Schwarzenbach (t/a Thames-Side Court Estate v Jones [2015] UKEAT 0100/15/DM

Chapter 2

2. Categories of workers [ch 2: pages 17-19] (948 words)
(1) Pimlico Plumbers Limited and (2) Charlie Mullins v Smith [2014] UKEAT/0495/12/DM

A plumbing operative, Mr Smith, working for the London firm Pimlico Plumbers Limited (Pimlico), brought claims for unfair and wrongful dismissal and ...
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Chapter 3

3. The employment contract [ch 3: page 20] (292 words)

Employment rights depend, as a minimum, on the presence of an “employment relationship”. There are important legal distinctions between an ...
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Absence management procedure was contractual [ch 3: pages 20-22] (659 words)
Sparks and others v Department for Transport [2015] EWCH 181 (QB)

Important ruling on affirmation while on sick leave [ch 3: pages 22-23] (558 words)
Colomar Mari v Reuters Limited [2014] UKEAT/0539/13/MC

New contract was accepted even though unsigned [ch 3: pages 23-25] (747 words)
Wess v Science Museum Group [2014] UKEAT/0120/14/DM

Flexibility clause did not permit varying of part-time hours [ch 3: pages 25-27] (841 words)
Hart v St Mary’s School (Colchester) Limited [2015] UKEAT/0205/14/DM

Summary dismissal justifiable over sending of porn email [ch 3: pages 27-28] (472 words)
Williams v Leeds United Football Club [2015] EWHC 376

Refusal over companion at hearing a breach of trust [ch 3: pages 28-29] (542 words)
Stevens v University of Birmingham [2015] EWHC 2300

Chapter 4

4. Pay and conditions [ch 4: page 30] (343 words)
Lock v (1) British Gas Trading Limited and (2) Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills Case No. 1900503/2012 and others

The Leicester Employment Tribunal has delivered a ruling in the long-running case of Mr Lock, supported by UNISON, against his employer British Gas ...
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Voluntary overtime comes into reckoning for holiday pay [ch 4: pages 30-31] (457 words)
Patterson v Castlereagh Borough Council, judgment of the Northern Irish Court of Appeal, ref: GIL 9695, [2015]

Eighteen months cut-off for holiday carry-over by sick workers [ch 4: page 32] (440 words)
Plumb v Duncan Print Group Limited UKEAT/0071/15/DA

Calculating leave when shift patterns change [ch 4: pages 33-34] (584 words)
Ms Greenfield v The Care Bureau Ltd, C-219/14

Mobile staff travel time from home to clients is working time [ch 4: pages 34-35] (445 words)
Federacion de Servicios Privados del sindicato Comisiones obreras v Tyco Integrated Security SL and Tyco Integrated Fire & Security Corporation Servicios SA, C-266/1

Chapter 5

5. Unions and collective organisation [ch 5: pages 36-37] (606 words)
BALPA v Jet2.Com Limited [2015] EWHC 1110 (QB)

This case concerns the scope of collective bargaining under the statutory recognition procedure. A claim was brought by pilots’ union BALPA against ...
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Union detriment claim must be heard by full tribunal panel [ch 5: pages 37-38] (469 words)
Birring v Michael Rogers and Carolyn Moore t/a Charity Link UKEAT/0388/14/RN

Chapter 6

6. Discrimination [ch 6: pages 39-40] (406 words)

Discrimination law is found in the Equality Act 2010 (EA 2010). The EA 2010 lists nine “protected characteristics”: age; disability; gender ...
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Firms have duty to keep long-term sick workers informed [ch 6: page 40-41] (494 words)
Chawla v Hewlett Packard Limited [2015] UKEAT/0280/13/BA

Sole candidate was victimised by withdrawal of post [ch 6: pages 41-42] (699 words)
Dr Sukhomoy Das v Ayrshire & Arran Health Board [2015] UKEATS/0021/14/SM

Discriminatory cuts to contract terms were a ‘provision, criterion or practice’ needing justification [ch 6: pages 42-46] (1,464 words)
Braithwaite v HCL Insurance BPO Services Limited [2015] UKEAT/0152/14/DM

Absence-related bonus scheme was unfair to staff with disability [ch 6: pages 46-47] (583 words)
Land Registry v Houghton & Others [2015] UKEAT/0149/14/BA

Dismissal decision not discriminatory where final decision maker not influenced by discrimination [ch 6: pages 47-49] (785 words)
CLFIS (UK) Limited v Dr Mary Reynolds [2015] EWCA Civ 439

Baker’s refusal to make cake was discriminatory on two counts [ch 6: pages 49-51] (802 words)
Lee v Ashers Baking Co Limited, Judgment of The Northern Ireland County Court, delivered 19 May 2015

Not race discrimination to insist clothes are not a ‘trip’ hazard [ch 6: pages 51-52] (515 words)

Single act of race discrimination not linked to dismissal [ch 6: pages 52-53] (528 words)
Salter v Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust UKEAT/0122/14/DXA

Claim can be brought over victimisation by association [ch 6: pages 53-55] (940 words)
Thompson v London Central Bus Company Limited UKEAT/0108/15/DM

Ruling draws distinction between ‘unfavourable’ and ‘detriment’ [ch 6: pages 55-57] (606 words)
(1) The Trustees of Swansea University Pension & Assurance Scheme and (2) Swansea University v Williams UKEAT/0415/14/DM

Position of each respondent has to be considered separately [ch 6: pages 57-58] (400 words)
Harden v (1) Wootlif and (2) Smart Diner Group Limited UKEAT/0448/14/DA

A limited company can claim direct discrimination [ch 6: pages 58-59] (804 words)
EAD Solicitors LLP and 7 Others v Garry Abrams UKEAT/0054/15/DM

Chapter 7

7. Dismissal [ch 7: pages 60-61] (533 words)

Employees dismissed unfairly can go to a tribunal if they have been working for at least two years. Some specific types of dismissal do not require ...
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Basic unfair dismissal principles apply to Twitter misuse [ch 7: pages 61-62] (771 words)
Game Retail Limited v Laws [2014] UKEAT 0188/14/0311

No need to always investigate every line of defence [ch 7: pages 63-64] (777 words)
Rajendra Shrestha v Genesis Housing Association Limited [2015] EWCA Civ 94

Contract is revived if employer allows appeal over dismissal [ch 7: pages 64-66] (568 words)
Salmon v (1) Castlebeck Care (Teesdale) Limited (In Administration) and (2) Danshell HealthCare Limited [2014] UKEAT/0304/14/DM

Decision-maker on dismissal was biased and interfering [ch 7: pages 66-67] (602 words)
Ethnic Minorities Law Centre v Deol UKEATS/0022/14/SM

No implied contractual duty to disclose misconduct allegations [ch 7: pages 67-68] (492 words)
The Basildon Academies v Amadi UKEAT/0342/14/RN

Witness must get chance to rebut finding of bad faith [ch 7: pages 68-70] (659 words)
Secretary of State for Justice v Lown UKEAT/008215/BA

Two-year-old Facebook post leads to fair dismissal [ch 7: pages 70-72] (826 words)

Interference from HR made dismissal unfair [ch 7: pages 72-73] (749 words)
Ramphal v Department for Transport UKEAT/0352/14/DA

Chapter 8

8. Redundancy [ch 8: page 74] (174 words)

A redundancy situation exists where an employer closes or intends to close the workplace or reduce the number of employees doing a particular kind of ...
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Woman on maternity leave protected when job scrapped [ch 8: pages 74-77] (1,476 words)
Sefton Borough Council v Wainwright [2014] UKEAT 0168/14/1310

Contract and job context are key in ‘place of work’ redundancy for mobile workers [ch 8: pages 77-79] (937 words)
Exol Lubricants Limited v (1) Birch and (2) Perrin [2014] UKEAT/0219/14/KN

Disappointing final ruling in Woolworths redundancy consultation challenge [ch 8: pages 79-80] (478 words)
USDAW & Wilson v WW Realisation 1 Limited, in liquidation, Ethel Austin Limited and Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Case C-80/14

‘Special circumstances’ defence not available to employer who doesn’t realise consultation is required [ch 8: pages 80-82] (947 words)
E Ivor Hughes Educational Foundation v Morris & Others UKEAT/0023/15/LA

‘Sham’ redundancy claim must have clear evidence to succeed [ch 8: pages 83-84] (741 words)
East Lancashire Masonic Hall Co Limited v Buckley UKEAT/0447/14/DA

Duty to consult over job losses covers foreign state’s UK base [ch 8: pages 84-85] (247 words)
USA v Nolan [2015] UKSC 63

Chapter 9

9. Whistleblowing [ch 9: pages 86-87] (546 words)
Chesterton Global Limited v Nurmohamed [2015] UKEAT/0335/14/0804

A director of a national chain of estate agents, Chestertons, made an internal complaint about accounting irregularities where he worked, involving ...
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What is ‘in the public interest’ for whistleblowing protection? [ch 9: pages 87-88] (561 words)
Underwood v Wincanton plc UKEAT/0163/15/RN

Chapter 10

10. Business transfers and contracting out [ch 10: page 89] (177 words)

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) are intended to protect the rights of employees on the transfer of ...
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No ‘percentage test’ in deciding whether employee transfers [ch 10: pages 89-90] (563 words)
Costain v (1) Armitage and (2) ERH Communications Limited [2014] UKEAT 0048/14/0207

Contractual duties relevant in determining if worker transfers [ch 10: pages 90-92] (569 words)
London Borough of Hillingdon v Gormanley and others [2014]

State guarantee only applies to pre-transfer employment debts [ch 10: pages 92-93] (549 words)
Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills v Dobrucki [2015] UKEAT/0505/13/JOJ

End-user can’t dictate who is included in transferring staff [ch 10: pages 93-95] (692 words)
Jakowlew v Nestor Primecare Services Limited t/a Saga Care & Anor UKEAT/0431/14/BA

Permanently incapacitated employee did not transfer [ch 10: pages 95-96] (544 words)
BT Managed Services Limited v Edwards UKEAT/0241/14/MC

No transfer where old employer is part of new employer group [ch 10: pages 96-97] (346 words)
Hyde Housing Association Limited & Others v Layton UKEAT/0124/15/MC

Transferee’s duty on reasonable adjustments over offer [ch 10: pages 97-99] (1,012 words)
NHS Direct NHS Trust v Gunn UKEAT/0128/14/BA

Further information

Five cases for reps to watch out for in 2016 [pages 100-101] (860 words)

Here are five cases that will have a significant impact on individual and collective employment rights during 2016. Unions have played a central role ...
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