LRD guides and handbook January 2021

Case law at work - 17th edition

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Introduction [pages 5-6] (551 words)

This is the 17th edition of Case Law at Work, the LRD’s key source of information on recent employment law cases. It contains clear summaries and ...
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Chapter 1

1. Tribunal procedures [ch 1: page 7] (444 words)

Before issuing any employment tribunal (ET) claim, a Claimant must first contact Acas and consider whether to try to conciliate (that is, settle) the ...
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Bringing an employment tribunal claim [ch 1: pages 7-8] (301 words)

Changes to ET rules from October 2020 [ch 1: pages 8-9] (222 words)

Use of non-employment judges [ch 1: page 9] (81 words)

New functions to be carried out by Legal Officers [ch 1: page 9] (137 words)

More flexibility to deal with errors in EC numbers on Claim forms [ch 1: page 9] (183 words)

Simple, money-based claims to be heard faster [ch 1: page 10] (121 words)

Remote hearings [ch 1: page 10] (114 words)

Multiple Claimants [ch 1: page 10] (233 words)

Late submission of Acas EC Notification Form led to dismissal of claim [ch 1: pages 11-12] (815 words)
Pearce v Bank of America Merrill Lynch & Others [2019] UKEAT/0067/19/LA

Request to add co-respondent would have come as no surprise [ch 1: pages 12-14] (763 words)
Pontoon (Europe) Limited & Another v (1) Shinh and (2) National Grid PLC [2019] UKEAT/0094/18/LA

Solicitor’s email was privileged, so it could not be shown to the tribunal [ch 1: pages 14-16] (882 words)
Curless v Shell International Limited [2019] EWCA Civ 1710

Non-cooperation over medical evidence can result in claim being struck out [ch 1: pages 16-17] (718 words)
Itulu v London Fire Commissioner [2019] UKEAT/0298/18/BA

Striking out a claim for lack of detail is rarely appropriate [ch 1: pages 17-19] (560 words)
Mbuisa v Cygnet Healthcare Limited [2019] UKEAT/0119/18/BA

ET wrong to make “Unless Order” striking out entire whistleblowing claim [ch 1: pages 19-21] (1,011 words)
Ijomah v Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust [2020] UKEAT/0289/19/RN

No appearance of bias when same lay ET panel member heard both cases [ch 1: pages 21-22] (596 words)
Lyfar-Cisse v Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust [2020] UKEAT/0181/19/JOJ

Claimant who pursued hopeless case ordered to pay all the employer’s costs [ch 1: pages 22-24] (751 words)
Radia v Jefferies International Limited [2020] UKEAT/0007/18/JOJ

£430,000 costs order against Claimant who made 1000s of secret recordings [ch 1: pages 24-25] (620 words)
Tan v Copthorne Hotels Limited London Central ET Case No. 2200986/2017 3 September 2020

Don’t gossip about your settlement sum [ch 1: pages 25-27] (835 words)
Duchy Farm Kennels Limited v Graham William Steels [2020] EWHC 1208

Chapter 2

2. Employment status [ch2: pages 28-29] (817 words)

Most statutory employment rights depend on someone’s “employment status”. Key minimum employment rights such as the National Minimum Wage ...
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Disappointing ECJ ruling that Yodel couriers are unlikely to be workers [ch2: pages 29-31] (764 words)
B v Yodel Delivery Network Limited [2020] ECLI:EU: C: 2020:288 (on a referral from Watford ET)

Moped delivery driver was a worker [ch2: pages 31-35] (1,803 words)
Stuart Delivery Limited v Augustine [2019] UKEAT/0219/18/BA

Gold medal winning cyclist not a worker or an employee [ch2: pages 35-37] (1,367 words)
Varnish v British Cycling Federation t/a British Cycling [2020] UKEAT/0022/20/LA

Workers are entitled to same legal health and safety protection as employees [ch2: pages 38-39] (694 words)
Independent Workers of Great Britain Union v Secretary of State for Work and Pensions [2020] Case No: CO/1887/2020

Chapter 3

3. Terms and conditions of employment [ch 3: pages 40-42] (1,134 words)

Employment rights depend, as a minimum, on the presence of an “employment relationship”. There are important legal distinctions between an ...
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Refusal to work linked to rest breaks must be spelt out [ch 3: pages 42-44] (1,108 words)
Pazur v Lexington Catering Services Limited [2019] UKEAT/0008/19/LA

Important union win in first legal test of Coronavirus job retention scheme [ch 3: pages 44-45] (575 words)
Re Carluccio’s Limited (in administration) [2020] EWHC 886

Chapter 4

4. Trade union rights [ch 4: page 46] (478 words)

In a landmark victory in November 2020, general union Unite secured the formal right for workers taking industrial action to picket their workplaces ...
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Important new ruling on dismissal for trade union activities [ch 4: pages 47-50] (1,567 words)
Cadent Gas Limited v Singh [2019] UKEAT/0024/19/BA

Interim relief for union member helped by union to lodge grievance over pay cut [ch 4: pages 50-52] (923 words)
Morales v Premier Fruits (Covent Garden) Limited Case No. 2302945/20, 12 August 2020

Automatically unfair dismissal of union rep for organising strike ballot [ch 4: pages 52-53] (583 words)
Lucas v John Kyrle High School and 6th Form Centre [2020] Case No.1301603/2017, 4 November 2020

Chapter 5

5. Discrimination [ch 5: pages 54-55] (570 words)

Discrimination law is found in the Equality Act 2010 (EA 10). The EA 10 applies to England, Scotland and Wales. In Northern Ireland, the different ...
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Less favourable treatment due to marriage breakdown [ch 5: pages 55-57] (803 words)
Gould v St John’s Downshire Hill [2020] UKEAT/0002/20/BA

Jaguar Land Rover liable for transgender harassment and discrimination [ch 5: pages 57-60] (1,595 words)
Taylor v Jaguar Land Rover Limited ET Case No. 1304471/2018, dated 2 October 2020

Meaning of long-term disability clarified [ch 5: pages 60-62] (688 words)
Tesco Stores Limited v Tennant [2020] UKEAT/0167/19/00

Grief reaction was not a disability [ch 5: pages 62-63] (509 words)
Igweike v TSB Bank PLC [2020] UKEAT/0119/19/BA

It was disability discrimination not to offer agency worker a trial period [ch 5: pages 63-65] (825 words)
Birtenshaw v Oldfield [2019] UKEAT/0266/18/LA

Failure to investigate grievance did not breach reasonable adjustments duty [ch 5: pages 65-66] (873 words)
Ishola v Transport for London [2020] EWCA Civ 112

“Unfavourable treatment” must be because of Claimant’s disability [ch 5: pages 67-68] (828 words)
Robinson v DWP [2020] EWCA Civ 859

ETs require proper evidence that unfavourable treatment is “proportionate” [ch 5: pages 68-71] (1,035 words)
Chief Constable of Gwent Police v Parsons and Roberts [2020] UKEAT/0143/18/DA

Changes to probation pay scale were not unlawful age discrimination [ch 5: pages 71-73] (1,216 words)
Heskett v Secretary of State for Justice [2020] EWCA Civ 1487

Important new equal pay ruling on the “material factor” defence [ch 5: pages 73-75] (975 words)
Walker v (1) Co-operative Group Limited and (2) Pennycook [2020] EWCA Civ 1075

ET could draw inferences of sex discrimination from male managers’ sexist views [ch 5: pages 75-77] (805 words)
Commerzbank AG v Rajput [2019] UKEAT/0164/18/RN

Employer guilty of racism and racist stereotyping [ch 5: pages 77-79] (911 words)
Base Childrenswear Limited v Otshudi [2019] EWCA Civ 1648

Woman sacked due to IVF suffered pregnancy discrimination [ch 5: pages 79-81] (802 words)
Gita Karavadra v B.J. Cheese Packaging Limited Birmingham Employment Tribunal Case No 1305782/2018

NHS Trust not liable for third-party race harassment of nurse by patient [ch 5: pages 81-83] (1,156 words)
Bessong v Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust [2019] UKEAT/0247/18/JOJ

DWP ordered to pay nearly £250,000 to new joiner over race and age harassment and victimisation [ch 5: pages 83-85] (670 words)
Giwa-Amu v DWP ET Claim No. 1600465/2017, ET judgment dated 20 February 2020

Surprising ruling that unwanted shoulder massage was not harassment related to sex [ch 5: pages 85-86] (775 words)
Raj v Capita Business Services Limited and Ward [2019] UKEAT/0074/19/LA

Ruling showcases flexibility of ET’s power to make “Recommendations” [ch 5: pages 87-89] (1,057 words)
Hill v Lloyds Bank PLC [2020] UKEAT/0173/19/LA

Chapter 6

6. Whistleblowing [ch 6: page 90] (338 words)

Under the Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998 (PIDA), employees and workers who disclose information about certain types of alleged wrongdoing at ...
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Motivation of devious Royal Mail manager could be attributed to employer [ch 6: pages 90-92] (929 words)
Royal Mail Group Limited v Jhuti [2019] UKSC 55

Chapter 7

7. Dismissal [ch 7: page 93] (335 words)

Employees who are dismissed unfairly can go to an employment tribunal (ET) if they have been working for at least two years. Some specific types of ...
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Interim relief [ch 7: pages 93-94] (244 words)

Interim relief granted despite disputed employment status [ch 7: pages 94-96] (909 words)
Hancock v Ter-Berg and NHS England Midlands and East [2019] UKEAT/0138/19/BA

Unclear dismissal letter justified extension of time to claim unfair dismissal [ch 7: pages 96-97] (741 words)
Lowri Beck Services Limited v Brophy [2019] EWCA Civ 2490

‘Unofficial’ work on site did not count towards continuous service [ch 7: pages 98-99] (912 words)
O’Sullivan v DSM Demolition Limited [2020] UKEAT/0257/19/VP

A fair dismissal requires clear advance notice of dismissal grounds [ch 7: pages 100-102] (1,121 words)
K v L [2020] UKEATS/0014/18/JW

Investigator’s failure to share information made dismissal unfair [ch 7: pages 102-103] (681 words)
Uddin v London Borough of Ealing [2020] UKEAT/0165/19/RN

Not always unfair to dismiss without an investigation meeting (but it usually will be) [ch 7: pages 104-106] (1,066 words)
Sunshine Hotel Limited t/a Palm Court Hotel v Goddard [2019] UKEAT/0154/19/00

Dismissal was fair despite use of anonymous evidence [ch 7: pages 106-109] (1,822 words)
Tai Tarian v Christie [2020] UKEAT/0059/19/VP

Unfair dismissal claim allowed to go ahead despite past illegality [ch 7: pages 110-112] (1,415 words)
Robinson v Al Qasimi [2020] UKEAT/0106/19/RN

Re-engagement is unlikely to be ordered if trust and confidence is broken [ch 7: pages 112-114] (948 words)
Kelly v PGA European Tour [2020] UKEAT/0285/18/2608

Chapter 8

8. Business transfers and service provision change (TUPE) [ch 8: page 115] (167 words)

The Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006 (TUPE) are intended to protect the rights of employees on the transfer of ...
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Beneficial contract variations due to TUPE transfer are void [ch 8: pages 115-117] (1,095 words)
Ferguson and Others v Astrea Asset Management Limited [2020] UKEAT/1039/19/JOJ

Chapter 9

9. Redundancy [ch 9: page 118] (426 words)

During 2020, redundancy is an unwelcome reality for tens of thousands of employees as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. ...
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Public Sector Exit Payments Regulations 2020 [ch 9: page 119] (126 words)

Teachers made to apply for their own jobs were unfairly dismissed [ch 9: pages 119-122] (1,573 words)
Gwynedd Council v Shelley Barratt and Another [2020] UKEAT/02/6/18/VP

No obligation to add redundant employee to “bank” list [ch 9: pages 122-123] (728 words)
Aramark (UK) Limited v Fernandes [2020] UKEATS/0028/19/SS