Labour Research

Current issue (January 2017)

The year ahead - the coming year is likely to be a very challenging one for trade unions, as Labour Research reports; Right turn? - across Europe, parties of the populist right have met with some electoral success: so who are they?; Status report - The rise of the so-called gig economy has seen the issue of employment status placed firmly in the spotlight; Unsafe bet - gambling during working hours is more possible than ever before, thanks to the rise of online gaming

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Labour Research is the UK monthly that keeps you right on top of what's happening in the unions - from how they're responding to the impact of government policy on unions and working people to union initiatives on recruitment and growth.

The magazine also provides regular updates on workers' legal rights and changes in employment law, as well as the essential information union reps need to monitor, and take effective action on, health and safety at work. And it gives the latest information on equality matters and European Union developments.