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Current issue (September 2016)

Unions on Brexit - The EU referendum result means unions have to face up to possible threats to working rights. The unions, therefore, want a place at the Brexit negotiating table; Labour Party leadershipLabour Research asked the two challengers for the Labour Party leadership - Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith - seven questions on a wide range of issues; Education - September heralds the start of the new school year. There is also increasing pressure on school staff in England as they face up to academisation and funding shortfalls.

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Labour Research is the UK monthly that keeps you right on top of what's happening in the unions - from how they're responding to the impact of government policy on unions and working people to union initiatives on recruitment and growth.

The magazine also provides regular updates on workers' legal rights and changes in employment law, as well as the essential information union reps need to monitor, and take effective action on, health and safety at work. And it gives the latest information on equality matters and European Union developments.