[cover image][80 pages] April 2019
Universal Credit and other in-work benefits - a guide for union reps and workers
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This latest edition of the Labour Research Department’s annual guide to welfare benefits takes account of the major changes in the benefits system, in particular the introduction and roll-out of Universal Credit. Universal Credit and other in-work benefits focuses on the types and rates of in-work benefits available, and includes any changes to the rules for claiming them from 6 April 2019. Trade unionists can play an important role in helping members and their families claim the in-work benefits they are entitled to, billions of which go unclaimed. This booklet aims to help make reps aware of the latest reforms so they can give accurate initial advice.[More ...]

[cover image][112 pages] December 2018
Sickness absence and sick pay - a guide for trade unions and working people
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No-one knows when they might need the support of a good sick pay scheme and a fair absence management policy. The aim of this booklet is to highlight the issues that need to be addressed in securing one, and to help reps support members who are off sick. It takes into account recent developments and trends, such as the rise of "presenteeism" and "leavism", and the growing focus on workplace wellbeing. Examples of good practice from a range of workplaces and collective agreements, as well as up-to-date case law, are included throughout.[More ...]

[cover image][48 pages] March 2018
The General Data Protection Regulation - a practical guide for trade unionists
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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) updates data protection laws to reflect rapid advances in technology and the growth of the digital economy. The new law introduces important changes to how personal data can be used and organisations will have new responsibilities and duties to fulfil. This LRD booklet explains the main provisions of the GDPR that are relevant to trade unions, setting out the legal framework and providing step-by-step guidance for trade union reps on how to comply with the data protection laws.[More ...]

[cover image][72 pages] November 2016
Using information and consultation rights - a union rep's guide
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The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations have been in force for more than 10 years. They potentially give reps rights to be informed and consulted on a range of key issues. Initially unions often chose not take up these rights, fearing their position could be undermined. However, there are now signs that opinions are changing, with unions recognising that the regulations can be used successfully to extend union influence and build union organisation. The regulations offer a lot of flexibility, but they are also complex. This booklet guides union reps through them step by step, explaining the possible pitfalls on the way. It is illustrated throughout with cases from the enforcement bodies. Even if reps decide not to use the regulations themselves, they still need to know how they work, as employers can also trigger the process.[More ...]

[cover image][46 pages] May 2016
Social media at work - a practical guide for trade union reps
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Social media has seen a meteoric rise in its use over the last few years. This rapid growth has created new opportunities for reps to reach out to members, but it has also expanded the scope for members to find themselves in trouble at work. This LRD booklet gives reps guidance on how to inform members of the risks associated with social media usage; explains how to draw up a social media policy and how to respond to cyberbullying. Crucially, it explains how to represent members in social media disciplinaries and looks at the approach taken by employment tribunals in their latest rulings. Finally it looks at how unions have been successfully harnessing the power of social networking to reach out to their memberships and the wider public.[More ...]
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[cover image][48 pages] March 2016
The skills system at work - a guide for trade unionists
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This new LRD guide examines and explains the UK skills system as it is currently operating and looks in particular at the latest tranche of government policy initiatives, including the apprenticeship levy. It also examines the work and activities of trade unions in the skills system, particularly at workplace level, their concerns about skills development, and how the union role in workplace skills provision can develop and expand against a background of financial constraint, and in a system characterised by continually changing policy priorities.[More ...]

[cover image][87 pages] November 2015
Monitoring and surveillance at work - a practical guide for trade union reps
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Traditional forms of workplace monitoring are increasingly being supplemented by surveillance practices utilising new forms of technology. This is providing continued opportunity and temptation for employers to engage in either overt or covert surveillance of their staff. Surveillance and monitoring in the workplace causes particular concerns for workers when the information obtained is used for disciplinary or performance management purposes. This booklet summarises the key legislation and case law covering privacy at work and brings reps up to date with union activity to combat invasion of privacy in the workplace.[More ...]
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[cover image][48 pages] August 2015
Working from home - a negotiator's guide for trade union reps
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Homeworking is on the increase and the new legal right to ask to work from home is likely to fuel further demand. However, it remains a contentious issue for many employers who fear they will lose control of their staff. Also, without proper support homeworkers may feel cut off and isolated. This LRD guide looks at how trade unions can play a key role in establishing successful homeworking arrangements that benefit both the worker and the employer.[More ...]

[cover image][72 pages] February 2015
Pay: getting it right - bargaining information for union reps
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While trade unions have stepped up campaigns and collective action to secure pay rises over the last year, in some cases union representatives face the challenge of simply ensuring that workers receive what they should be entitled to from their employers. This booklet provides trade union members and reps with the key information they need when dealing with pay-related issues, whether enforcing statutory rights or negotiating pay increases.[More ...]

[cover image][64 pages] October 2014
Leave and pay for working parents - a guide for trade union reps
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The Children and Families Act 2014, has introduced improved rights for working parents. The new changes include the right to request flexible working for all employees, shared parental leave, entitlement for partners to take time off for up to two antenatal appointments, and adoption leave for individuals and couples intending to adopt. This Labour Research Department guide to leave and pay for working parents explains the new legal rights and provides examples of negotiated agreements to assist reps in bargaining for further improvements. Also covered are maternity rights, paternity leave, surrogacy leave and pay, parental leave, time off for dependants, the health and safety of new and expectant mothers, breastfeeding, leave for fertility treatment and time off for family emergencies.[More ...]

[cover image][88 pages] July 2014
Workplace pensions - a guide for trade union reps
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The coalition government’s radical shake up of both workplace and state pensions is continuing at a startling pace, raising new issues for trade unions wishing to both advise members and represent them in the governance and administration of their pension funds. This Labour Research Department pensions guide examines the new framework of retirement pensions that is being created and the implications of the proposed changes for occupational pensions, private pensions and the State Pension.[More ...]

[cover image][71 pages] April 2013
Working Time Regulations - Application and enforcement
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This guide looks looks in detail at the application and enforcement of the Working Time Regulations in the UK. As well as explaining the overall requirements of the regulations and how they have been amended and extended in a number of important ways, the booklet looks at the common issues relating to working time that union reps may have to deal with, including: what and who the regulations apply to; how they limit weekly working time; how they regulate night and shift work; and what they provide for in the way of breaks, rest periods and annual leave. Case law examples and case studies are used throughout to highlight significant developments and workplace agreements.[More ...]

[cover image][60 pages] June 2012
Green unions at work 2012
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This booklet presents the results of the TUC's green workplaces survey 2012. It provides powerful evidence of the many and diverse ways unions are tackling environmental issues at work, and suggests how much more could be achieved if workplace union environment reps had legal rights. The report demonstrates the commitment of union reps to the green agenda, and shows how they are in a unique position to gather support at all organisational levels for sustainable green workplace initiatives.[More ...]